Tesco #BabyFoodChat – the videos!

You may remember that a little while ago I was working with Tesco Baby as part of the #BabyFoodChat. So many of you sent in your wonderful questions, and these, plus many others were put to a panel of experts. All the questions were sorted into groups and put to the relevant expert in that field – and all the things you need to know about weaning, nutrition and baby food can be found below!

1. Allergies, dental care and choking

Family GP Dr Sarah Temple tackles topics including pin-prick testing for allergies, foods to avoid with your baby and whether fluoride is safe for little ones. While Dr Rebecca Chicot explains the difference between gagging and choking.


2. Feeding problems and weaning tips

Child development expert Dr Rebecca Chicot from The Essential Parent Company discusses baby-led weaning versus the traditional method and gives her tips for fussy eaters and introducing texture, while nutritionist Katie Fordham advises on teaching little ones to love a variety of flavours.


3. Nutrition, portion sizes and specialist diets

Nutritionist Katie Fordham, from Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition, sheds light on the five-a-day debate and how to know when your baby’s full, plus she advises on iron intake and whether spicy food is OK. Dr Sarah Temple also discusses how to approach feeding little ones a veggie or vegan diet.


If you sent in a question, then look out for your name being mentioned! I would love to know what you think – did the experts answer your questions? Is there anything that wasn’t covered?


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