Pied A Terre scented candles & diffusers review

I love a good scented candle or diffuser. There is something lovely about walking into a room and being hit with a fresh blast of deliciousness. I was recently sent some candles and diffusers from the Pied A Terre range at House of Fraser.

Pied A Terre diffusers

The diffusers look great – a classic, contemporary design that will suit any room. We have these in the living room, which is the largest room in the house, and they do scent that room really well. You can smell a very subtle, gentle fragrance when you walk in. There are 3 scents – Iris & Vetiver, Fig Leaf & Cassis and Plum & Black Amber. The Fig scent is my favourite – it has a deep, fruity scent which is fresh and crisp.

Pied A Terre scented candles

The scented candles are gorgeous too – they make me think of Christmas. The sparkly glass holders really shine, especially when the candles are alight. They have pride of place on my dining table, and they add heaps of atmosphere to any meal time. The 3 scents are the same as those of the diffusers, and again the Fig Leaf & Cassis is my favourite. These are not as strongly scented as the diffusers – they are a much milder version, that just give off a localised fragrance – which is perfect for when you are eating – you don’t want your food to be overpowered by a strong smell!

The little candle holders will be reused after the candles have burnt down – we will either refill them with tealights or use them for another decorative purpose – although Gemma is desperate to get her hands on one for keeping ‘things’ in – I think it must be the sparkliness that appeals. 

The Pied A Terre candles and diffusers are available from House of Fraser, and they would make a fantastic Christmas gift.  



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