How to keep your children safe while on the road

Today I have a post from Ross, a car tyre safety expert. He has some great tips for travelling safely on the roads, and keeping your little ones well protected while in the car.

Car safety with children

Hello everyone! I’m Ross, a car tyre safety expert. I love cars and all things related to them; car parts, car tyres, car races and the most importantly car safety! I decided to write this article to shed light on the importance of little things that can be cared for to avoid big accidents or trauma among children.

Most parents teach their children the dangers of the road. For example, there are few kids who walk to school who don’t know to stop, look and listen for oncoming traffic before crossing the road. But do as many of us consider all of the dangers that children face when they are out and about in the back of our cars? Being in a car may feel perfectly safe – and some models do offer top-notch safety features these days – but there is always the thought of what would happen in the event of a collision. Unpleasant as it may be, thinking about a potential car crash can help to focus the mind on the best measures for keeping little ones safe when you are out motoring.

Get Strapped In
According to government statistics, 206 children up to the age of twelve were killed or seriously injured as car passengers on British roads in 2010. Many of these injuries would have been less severe if the appropriate child restraints had been in use. Most child seats are fitted with the use of a common seat belt which holds them in place, but some systems have anchor bolts as well. Child seats should be appropriate to the age, weight and height of the child. If your child is big for his or her age, then remember to use one that is suitable for their size and not to wait for another birthday to pass. In some cases, it is legal for children to travel without a restraint, such as in a licensed taxi or in the event of an emergency.

Check Your Tyres
Along with the brakes, tyres are one of the most important safety features of any car. Worn tyres contribute to a tenth of all accidents in wet road conditions, so it is imperative to the safety of your children not to drive them around in a car with reduced traction from worn down tread. Being able to stop effectively will mean you can avoid nasty incidents on the road. The convenience for replacing tyres or getting them inspected is to the extent that you can find tyres online and book appointments without any upfront payment, the service is being provided by Point S for tyres in Devon and 1000+ locations in UK.  Furthermore, properly functioning tyres help your ability to maneuver well, for instance swerving to avoid road debris.

Safety Shades
This item helps to protect children from unwanted exposure to the sun. However, they also help to protect kids from flying shards of glass in the event of a side impact. Many types of sun shade come on a roller which can be pulled down and are attached to the window with suckers.

Thanks Ross for this informative article. Do any of you have some car safety points that you would like to share?

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