iCandy Peach All Terrain review

iCandy peach all terrain review

With baby 4 due to arrive shortly, and as a self confessed pramaholic, deciding which set of wheels to choose was a big decision for us. After a lot of research, many trips to shops and lots of recommendations, I went with my heart and stuck to my original choice – the all new iCandy Peach All Terrain in Toucan.

I have been a fan of iCandy for a long time, as many of you will know. I may have mentioned it a few times 😉 Classed as a luxury brand, I have always found them to simply be high quality, well made. practical and gorgeous. They are not just a pretty face as many people think – behind the beautiful facade lies manufacturing genius, with both parents and tiny tots in mind.

I have the carrycot packed away upstairs ready for bay 4, but for now we couldn’t resist getting the iCandy Peach All Terrain set up for a trial run with Max. The idea was to just use it a few times before putting it away for June, but as I expected it has now become the set of wheels I am using day in, day out. Nothing else compares for comfort and ease of use. 

icandy peach all terrain review

Let’s start with the technical stuff. The iCandy Peach All Terrain is a multi functional travel system with air filled tyres to handle any terrain. Setting up the pushchair is easy as pie – just click the wheels into place, pop on the seat and off you go. The spacious seat and hood have soft touch fabrics for comfort and style, and there are just so many parent friendly features. Large basket, one hand fold, adjustable handlebar, parent or world facing seat positions, easy to adjust harness and a raincover that is flexible and not made from that hard, stiff material you usually find. It’s all easy to work too. Removing the seat to fold or turn it around is as simple as pushing 2 buttons on the side of the chassis. Removing the wheels just requires you to push the buttons on the centre of the rear wheels, or depress the button on the front wheel hub. The handlebar adjusts with a button in the centre of the handle – push this in and move the handlebar to the required height. The recline is located on the same button as the seat removal system – simply use the inner section of the button to operate the recline. This is a tad fiddly, as it means leaning over the seat to access it, and when you have a world facing seat this means standing at the front of the pushchair – I would personally prefer a lever recline on the rear of the seat, but this is personal preference.

icandy peach all terrain review

The fold isn’t the smallest, I won’t lie. But having said that, I wouldn’t expect it to be – this is a full travel system, not a stroller. The frame folds down fairly flat, and the quick release wheels can also be removed to make more space. The seat will lie on top of the chassis if you need a bit more boot space, and removing the bumper bar gives you more room too. As everything is so easy to remove and put back together, I really don’t find the size an issue. Folding and unfolding is a one hand, few seconds job as shown below:

icandy peach all terrain review
icandy peach all terrain review

icandy peach all terrain review

icandy peach all terrain review

icandy peach all terrain review

Since getting the pushchair we have used it so much. It has completely replaced our previous set of wheels, purely because it is so nice to use. Even Kevin, who usually takes no notice at all when it comes to pushchairs, has commented several times on how much you can feel the quality when pushing. Everything is smooth, intuitive to use, and comfortable. Max loves it too – whereas with his stroller we have been having real problems getting him in, as he just wants to walk, he will happily climb into the iCandy himself, and sit there for as long as we need him to. He loves the deep, bucket seat, the padded harness, the footrest that we can adjust with the simple push of a button depending on whether he wants his feet up or down, and most of all he loves the bumper bar – it must be like having the perfectly placed arm rest!

The all terrain tyres have been given a real test – everything from the football pitch and the gravel driveway to the uneven rural pavements and the cobbles by the Quay. Nothing is a problem – the pushchair just glides over everything in its path. 

I could honestly rave about this pushchair for hours, but I don’t want to make this post too in depth. If you want to know more technical stuff, you can find it all on the iCandy website. I will be posting another review once we are using the carrycot and the Maxi Cosi car seat attachments, but for now I will happily continue to use the iCandy Peach All Terrain for my toddler. Contrary to popular belief, iCandy don’t just make pushchairs for babies, they don’t make them with small seats that don’t last. Max is 22 months and has plenty of room in the seat – we haven’t even needed to move the hood yet to make more head room, it is still on the lowest setting. He will be able to use this set of wheels for many months to come, until he no longer needs to. 

Would I recommend the iCandy Peach All Terrain? You bet I would – whether you are looking for your baby’s very first travel system or a comfortable mode of transport for your toddler. I don’t think you will find anything that suits your needs better.

icandy peach all terrain review



  1. March 25, 2015 / 2:35 pm

    I am quite sad that we are almost at the end of the pushchair stage – just got rid of my big one. Great review
    Kara recently posted…The Average Family CarMy Profile

  2. March 26, 2015 / 8:20 am

    This pushchair looks pretty fabulous and I love how easy it looks to put down and put back up again. Great review and your looking fab too missus! 😉 x

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