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Choosing electrical goods is usually Kevin’s domain. Apart from the iMac I am hankering after (birthday soon, hint hint) everything else is chosen by Kevin really. I go along to the shop, I look at the stuff, and I nod along intelligently as if I have the faintest clue what he is talking about. Then I just agree with whatever it is he says we need. Makes for an easy life I find.

In my book a TV is a TV. As long as it shows pictures, plays sound and has some facility for recording live programmes it will do for me. But I know Kevin researches it much more thoroughly than that. He knows what he wants before he goes to the shop – and by that I mean more than just knowing we want a TV. He knows which brands he wants to look at, which size screen to look for, and what extras it ‘needs’ to have. He usually heads straight for the Panasonic systems first – we have had a few Panasonic items in the past and they have always served us well. 

I struggle in electrical stores. Do you? I never quite understand the technical terms that the staff throw at me, I never quite know if it’s OK to try and knock the price down a bit (I mean, you wouldn’t do that in Tesco would you?) and I am always astounded by some of the prices. Some things are thousands of pounds! For a small piece of gadgetry! OK, OK I know I just said I wanted an iMac, and that’s in the same league price wise. But that’s for work. It’s a necessary expense to allow me to do my job efficiently. Honest.

So what’s the best way to do this sort of thing? Do you go into a big retailer and haggle? Do you buy online and look for money saving codes? Do you just let someone else do it for you while you hide in the car? 

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