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I love jewellery, but choosing things that suit me and my lifestyle is sometimes difficult. Not only do I want it to look good, but I want it to be something I can wear every day. I love things that do not trouble me in matching with my outfits or adjusting to suit the activity I am doing, especially the rings I wear.
Apart from my wedding and engagement rings, I have never really worn anything on my fingers. Maybe because I worked in an environment where wearing rings was not comfortable, but now that I work from home I would love to wear some pretty rings. I recently came across these sapphire rings from Angara and fell in love. I love sapphire as its unique and something you do not see on everyone’s fingers. Further, I personally believe that the bright blue goes with pretty much anything.

sapphire ring sapphire ring









I don’t have very big hands, so I tend to avoid massive solitaire stunners as I find they just look silly on my fingers, though I love them very much! My engagement ring is similar to the picture on the right – a row of diamonds on a thin band, and this is a style that really attracts me. I also love the picture on the left as it is a similar style, but with a more one-of-a-kind appearance due to those square-shaped stones. I have always been fascinated towards silver/white gold more than yellow gold. It’s more about your personal choice I guess. This is the reason I like Angara as it lets you personalise your jewelry choice. You are free to choose the metal type you like and also the size of the stones, and get exactly what you are looking for.
I can’t justify the cost at the moment, with a new baby on the way, but this is exactly the sort of thing that is on my birthday and Christmas wish list this year.
Do you wear a lot of jewellery? Is there a certain style of metal or stone colour that you always choose? Share your jewellery thoughts and styles with me.

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