Most outrageous lottery purchases

A conversation about what we’d do if we won the lottery is something we’ve all had at some point. Whether it was in the school playground, in the office, around the dinner table or in a bar with friends; we’ve all talked about the kind of things we would buy, the places we’d go and the things we would do if our numbers came out of the machine. Luxury holidays, flash cars, huge houses, designer clothes and quitting our jobs ­ they’re all common responses. We tend to think about the things we would never have if our lives follow the path they’re on now, looking after our families and making ends meet each month while saving up for years to go on a family holiday somewhere nice. It’s natural ­ after all, we’re not celebrities or footballers, we have to work hard for what we have and many of us wouldn’t swap it for the world. It still doesn’t stop you dreaming though. The UK lottery has now been around for two decades and lots of us still play every week. Okay, we might not play as often as we did in the early days but many of us will still buy a ticket when there’s a rollover or we might even get involved in the EuroMillions draw. Some people have even started to play lottery online so that they can take part in draws all over the continent, even the world, to try and win the life­changing sums of cash available. Those who have been fortunate enough to win the lottery, or at the very least significant sums, have been in those shoes where the world has suddenly fallen at their feet ­ and many haven’t known what to do! The initial shock of winning often coincides with spending sprees on the flash cars, new houses and holidays… and, as this infographic from Lottosend shows, some pretty outrageous purchases too!


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