Princess Charlotte’s first wardrobe

Unless you have been asleep for the few weeks, you will know that Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has been born. From the few pictures we have seen, she looks like a truly adorable bundle of cuteness, and I found myself wondering what her very first wardrobe would look like. I think it would be full of pretty dresses, frilly rompers and of course, some princess shoes like the ones I have seen on Melijoe.

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Although they do tend to keep Prince George away from the public eye as much as possible, when we do see him he is always dressed in a fairly classic and traditional style – did you see the ultra cute shorts and knee socks he was wearing when he went to meet his new baby sister? Heart melt. I think that Kate and Wills will stick with a similar classic look for the new princess, and  can just see her in smock type dresses, lots of cream and pale pinks, but maybe with some slightly more modern stuff here and there? They seem like a fairly forward thinking sort of couple who wouldn’t be averse to the odd splash of colour now and then! I wonder if it will be a designer heavy wardrobe, or whether there will be some more modern labels amongst the princesses haul? That leads me on to wondering about where all the clothes would be stored, and what the nursery looks like…..traditional pink and white, or have they gone with a more gender neutral green or yellow? I would love to be a fly on the wall….!

What do you think? Do you love the classic and traditional styles, or do you favour something much more modern? Do you like small babies in dresses and frills, or do you prefer a sleespuit or romper?

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