Treating your children to retro sweets from the 80’s

Were you born in the 80’s? Do you often reminisce about some of the most rad sweets from your childhood? If so, it could be a great idea for you to introduce your children to those treats so they can accompany you on your trip down memory lane and get a feel for what being an 80’s kid was like. After all, showing them some of your questionable outfit choices from the 80’s may not be something that will go down too well…

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Retro sweets are a great idea for your children because they are fun, cool and there’s such a large variety to choose from. You’ll never get bored of what there is on offer and it’s always a pleasant surprise choosing something different every time. That’s why it’s a super idea to introduce your children and their friends to retro sweets at a birthday party. Forget the mundane party bags with generic sweets and a slice of birthday cake and bring out your inner 80’s wild child by having funky retro party bags stocked with all your favourite sweets from the 80’s. From foam shrimps to rainbow drops, this alternative choice will look cool and exciting and are bound to be a big hit with every child.

Why not go all out and have a retro sweet display at the party or turn it into a theme? There’s heaps of ideas you can check out that will allow you to really give your party a vintage vibe. Think Grease/retro fairground and let the children go and pick their own sweets from a vintage sweets cart. You could even put on some classic 80’s music to really kick start the party in style.

What’s not to love?

Giving kids retro sweets from the 80’s is a great idea whether you were born in the 80’s yourself or not. There’s so much to choose from that every child is bound to find something they like. You know you’re onto a winner with retro sweets because there’s something to accommodate every palate. If your child is a sugar monster and likes all things tangy, you can choose from colourful sweets like fizzy rainbow belts or fizzy strawberries. Or, if they are a foam fiend, you can always give them foam bananas or a classic like fried eggs. You could even introduce them to sweets they may’ve never tried before such as sweet peanuts or rosey apples. You never know, they may really like it.

Incorporate retro sweets into a game

As there are so many retro sweets to choose from, it could be a good idea to have the children blindfold each other and taste various retro sweets to see if they can guess the flavour. Biting into a flying saucer sweet and feeling the sherbet tingle their tongue could make for a fun little party game. See their faces squirm as they chew on fizzy sour Dracula teeth and create some ace memories for years to come.

If you think giving retro sweets to your children is something you’d like to try, visit Retro Sweet for a huge selection of old school goodies and an array of gift boxes, bags and packaging to choose from to fit any theme or party.

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