Coming home from hospital outfit

With a baby due anytime in the next 3 weeks I have started to think about the clothes I want to pack in my hospital bag. I have packed an assortment of bodysuits, sleepsuits, hats and cardigans, but I would like something special for a ‘coming home’ outfit. I have been thinking about taking one girl outfit and one boy outfit as we don’t know what we are having.

Finding a place to buy these outfits has proved hard. I have looked on all the usual websites – Next, Mothercare, Frugi and other tried and trusted baby sites and despite seeing lots and lots of really lovely outfits, nothing has really jumped out at me. I took a look at Melijoe over the weekend as they often have something a little bit different than the high street stores. I found these 2 options – one for a girl and one for a boy.

Melijoe sleepsuits

I do like babies in sleepsuits – they are so comfortable and pretty convenient for nappy changes too! But these 2 options just look a bit more ‘special occasion’ than the average sleepsuit, and I love them. I think they would be perfect for the big day we bring our child home from hospital, and introduce them to the world, and their new home. 

Although I am having a June baby, we may need something warm and cosy for the first trip outside, so I am definitely going to invest in one of these beautiful knitted cardigans too.

Melijoe cardigansAren’t they just gorgeous? They remind me of the real traditional style of cardigan that my nan used to knit – perfect for all year round as they are not too heavy, and in a style that will compliment any outfit from sleepsuit to party dress. Max has a similar one in cream, and I adore it – he wears it so much, and I will definitely be getting him another when he outgrows it. 

So all in all, I think that’s us sorted. The hospital bags are packed, the crib and pram are built and now we have coming home outfits sorted. We are ready for you baby!

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