Does being a parent make you less of a risk taker?

Many of us feel that once we start a family we must relinquish the risk-taking, carefree outlook of our youth and instead opt for a more responsible and measured approach to life. It’s true that having a family brings with it greater responsibilities and there are certain things you need to ensure for your kids’ future; financial stability, a loving home etc. But does that really mean you have to give up your risk-taking nature altogether?

Some of us probably look back at our gap year days with envy – having the freedom to just jet off without a care in the world may seem like a distant memory. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. Here are a few ways parents can take a gamble and hold on to that carefree attitude!

Travelling with kids

You might think the idea of backpacking with your children sounds like a nightmare, but there are in fact many families who decide to give the travelling lifestyle a go. There are countless blogs out there you can use for inspiration including ‘With 2 Kids in Tow’ and ‘Suitcases and Strollers’. Obviously, things are a little different when you have kids and you can’t always go for the cheap option of hostels. However, you can still see the world on a budget by making use of guest houses and public transport. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce your kids to the world!

Having a flutter

If you’re inclined to have a gamble every now and again then heading for a night out at the casino or the race track probably isn’t as easy anymore (unless you can get the babysitter in). Recently a mum-of-three proved that being a parent doesn’t stop you having a flutter by winning £1.3 million on an online bingo site. If you’ve never tried online gaming before, check out this infographic on slots from bgo to get you started. 

Starting your own business

starting a business Photo Credit: eleanor lonardo via Compfight cc

You might have a budding business idea but think your dream will go out of the window once you have kids. Think again. Starting a business actually appeals to many parents because it gives them the flexibility that they wouldn’t get in a normal job. Check out the blog ‘Business Plus Baby’ for tips on running a business around your kids. 

Being a parent doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to play things safe. Obviously, you always have to weigh up whether the risks outweigh the benefits , so take a sensible approach to your risk-taking!

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