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Kevin plays a lot of sport – for a long time it used to be football or hockey during the winter and cricket ALL SUMMER LONG. I can’t pretend I am a huge fan but I know he really enjoys it, and it’s his time out from work and home. I spend time at home sourcing all his sports gear UK stuff – that’s sort of shopping, right?!

All of this sport has resulted in plenty of time spent in doctors surgeries or the hospital waiting room with a variety of injuries – everything from split lips and head bumps to twisted knees and dislocated fingers. 

As well as traditional methods of self care – painkillers, tubigrip bandages, rest and ice – we have also tried some other approaches, often turning to natural pain remedies. Here is our list of some of the most common sports injuries and the best ways to treat them. 

Back strains – this is most common during the hockey season, as a lot of time is spent with a bent posture, and can be a high impact sport. As well as the usual painkillers and hot/cold patches, chiropractic treatment can be helpful. This treatment focuses on the fact that the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism and has the ability to recover from injury and maintain health throughout life – it helps your body as a whole. It is great for anyone with long term back pain too – it is something I have recommended to my mother in law who suffers from arthritis.

Sprains and twisted muscles – we have found the best treatment for this is rest, rest, rest – but that is often easier said than done. Ice is another great way to relieve the symptoms of strains, and combined with rest and elevation of the affected area usually solves any strains and sprains pretty quickly.

Shoulder and joint problems – this is something that can start as a sports injury but go on to be a long term problem. A great way to relieve the symptoms of shoulder and joint pain is through acupuncture. Many people avoid this as the thought of being stabbed with several needles is off putting. But acupuncture is not like that – the needles are so fine and thin, and it is done in such a relaxing environment that most people find they actually end up enjoying it and using it for many other issues over the years.

Muscle aches – the best way to ease muscle tightness and discomfort is sports massage. This is offered almost everywhere, and is a quick and painless treatment that will un knot tight muscles and leave you feeling refreshed and like new again!

Cuts, grazes and abrasions – minor skin injuries can usually be treated at home with antiseptic creams and plasters. Keep the area clean and dry and allow it to be exposed to the air as much as possible. Use a plaster when cooking or taking part in any activity that could pose a risk of infection. If you are concerned that it is not healing, or you think it is too deep for home care then see a doctor or your local minor injuries unit.

Broken bones and other serious injuries – of course, if you think you have broken a bone or sustained another serious injury, you must be seen at a hospital. After you have healed, if you find yourself with longer lasting effects such as stiffness or aching, then you can try one of the alternative methods mentioned above, such as massage or chiropractic treatment at MI Chiropractic.

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