Boys will be boys: Practical and stylish clothes for the great outdoors

Think about the last time you got your little man all dressed up for a day out, only to discover just 30 minutes after leaving the house, his clothes – fresh on that very morning – were already mucked up. We’d like to hazard a guess it wasn’t all that long ago; are we right?

The fact is, boys will be boys – and try as you might to ensure they’re always looking their best, they’ll do their utmost to find the biggest puddle/grassy hill, muddy path to trample in.

So, what do you do? You don’t always have to admit defeat on this one. The trick is simply choosing clothes that can handle a bit of wear and tear – and to help you on your quest to well-fitting, comfortable and stylish boys’ clothes such as those available at Little Bou, we’ve put together our favourites. So, get outside and enjoy all that the Great British weather has to throw at us!

rain coat

Choose a great rain jacket and your child will be ready for autumn and winter and the not-so-great weather that inevitably comes with it. Keeping your little prince warm, dry – and above all, comfortable – a good rain coat will be well worth the investment. The great thing about rain coats is they’re just so practical. They’re pretty much all wipe-clean, so you don’t have to worry that the rain coat you’ve just spent the best part of a week’s wages on will be stained and muddy almost as soon as you’ve brought it home from the shops.

Like peas in a pod, rain coats and welly boots are an absolute match made in heaven. Again, spend some time looking for a good, well-fitting pair and they’ll be no arguments at the door before you set off for a long-awaited day out or weekend away. The only downside to wellies – like pretty much everything else in your kids’ wardrobe – is how quickly they’ll grow out of them. So think about a good quality mid-priced pair, that’ll be durable enough to see him or her through a couple of seasons, but won’t break the bank in the process. If you’re on a budget, it might be an idea to check out auction sites like eBay; kids soon grow out of their footwear that, you never know, parents in your area might be having a clear out. All it takes then is a quick bid or two and you can usually pick them up within a few days – result!

Don’t forget hats, scarves and mittens, too – and if you’re feeling really creative, why not make your own? You can find plenty of knitting craft kits online that are just begging to be unwrapped on a rainy day. If your kids are slightly older, it could even be something you could get them involved in? Think about layering up your little one’s outfit, too; it’s a key trend in kids’ wear at the moment and will ensure he’s never too hot or cold. After all, we rarely know what to expect weather-wise at this time of year.

If your boy or girl is fussy when it comes to clothes, set aside a day to head into town – or search stylish kids’ clothing shops online – together. Try to make them feel like they’re getting involved as much as possible, without giving in and letting them have that entire collection of Spiderman/Ben 10/Avengers gear they have their eye on!

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