Pros and cons of an outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding

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Weddings require an essential amount of planning, to ensure the day gets off to a good start and is enjoyed by everyone. From choosing the right engagement ring (if you haven’t yet got one on your finger then click here for some stunning designs to choose from), to what flavour of cake you fancy, there’s so much to think about and deciding whether to have you wedding outdoors is just one of them.

More and more of us are breaking away from the traditional church and local hotel style wedding and pushing the boundaries where we say ‘I do’. If you are one of these people, then here are the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding to take into consideration before you put down any deposits:


Unlimited Space

Heading outdoors offers more room for guests and activities at the wedding reception. You aren’t limited to seating and table options and can usually set up as many or as few dining tables as you like with the open space you have.

Very little décor required

You can easily take advantage of nature when it comes to an outdoor wedding and minimise the costs when it comes to décor. Some themed table decorations and perhaps some pretty lights hanging from the trees are all that is required to make an outdoor wedding beautiful.

Cheaper to hire

Outdoor venues are generally cheaper to hire, mainly because there is no hefty charge that comes with cleaning a venue. You can hold your wedding in a huge number of outdoor locations, from a back garden to a local field – you’ll just need to check you have permission first and that it is easily accessible; see the cons list below.

Easier to keep kids entertained

With an outdoor space kids are free to run around and play with outdoor toys that can keep them entertained for hours. Set up a play station featuring giant bubble blowers, hula hoops and washable chalk for them to play with. If you have the budget you could hire a children’s entertainer to keep them occupied.

Your pup can come too!

More and more of us see our dogs as tiny furry children and want them to be present at the wedding instead of left at home or in a kennel for the night. With an outdoor venue you can have them, dressed in a little doggie tuxedo if you so wish.


Weather and time of year limitations

Obviously weather is going to have an impact on an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. A marquee might help but if it’s pouring down outside, there will still be issues when it comes to leaving the tent to use the toilet or to take photos. While you can’t predict the weather you can limit when you plan your wedding, which means limiting your search to the summer months, to hopefully ensure warmer/dryer weather – although this is Britain, so there’s no guarantee of that!


Where will guests go to the toilet? Where will you source tables and chairs? What about electricity, lighting and flooring? An outdoor wedding is a great idea but there are some basics you need to cover first before you book anything and if they can’t all be sourced you might have to consider other options.


Obtaining permission to have your wedding in a local nature reserve or in that empty field near your parents’ house might be more cumbersome than you initially believed – and much more expensive if the owner of the property fancies taking advantage of the situation.


Any outdoor event could be blighted with the arrival of mosquitos and flies to irritate guests and put a slight downer on the evening. Prepare for such a problem with insect repelling lights and torches, but expect a few to get through and cause trouble.

Have you had an outdoor wedding? Would love to hear your stories and see your snaps!

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