4 habits that can damage your hair

We all want a full head of luscious locks, but in reality many of us are far from fond of our hair. Many people have damaged or thinning tresses, and this can take its toll on their confidence levels. Fortunately, there are now effective treatments on offer that can help to tackle these problems.

A popular product is Regaine for Women. This treatment contains the active ingredient minoxidil and it works by increasing blood flow to the follicles in the scalp. This helps to strengthen existing hairs and it can encourage new growth. It’s also possible to get Regaine hair loss treatment for men, and both the male and female versions are available online and from high street pharmacies.

As well as taking advantage of any suitable treatments to improve the fullness and health of your hair, you might benefit from making changes to your lifestyle and beauty routine. Certain habits can play havoc with our tresses, and by making sure you’re aware of these potential problems, you stand to improve the look and feel of your locks. Here are four habits that could be damaging your hair.

1) Taking on too much stress

If you have a tendency to take on far too much at work and at home, and this is causing your stress levels to soar, you might be inadvertently harming your hair. Extreme stress can trigger a condition called telogen effluvium, which is a form of alopecia and causes a general thinning of hair. Sources of worry like major financial problems, divorce and bereavement are particularly likely to lead to telogen effluvium. Bear in mind that it can be between six weeks and three months after a stressful event before hair loss occurs. The good news is, once you’re stress levels fall, your tresses should get back to normal.

2) Overusing hairdryers and straighteners

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Do you automatically reach for your hairdryer, straighteners or curlers when you’re styling your locks? If so, you could be doing damage. Too much heat can cause hair to break and fall out. So, to boost the health of your tresses, it’s a good idea to let them air dry when possible. Also, make sure you never use curling irons or straighteners on damp hair.

3) Pulling your hair too tight

Scraping your locks back into a tight ponytail or braids can also damage your tresses over time. If you put your follicles under too much strain, you may develop traction alopecia – and this can be permanent. To reduce the risk that you’ll experience this problem, try mixing up your styles, and don’t pull too firmly when you’re tying your locks back.

4) Not eating properly

A well-balanced diet containing all the nutrients your body needs is a must if you’re to protect your tresses. So, if you are not making an effort to eat healthy and nutritious meals, you could be harming your hair. Crash diets and diets that are low in protein and iron are especially bad. If you’re keen to pack more protein into your diet, eat things like eggs, fish, meat, beans, dairy and nuts. For extra iron, look out for foods such as green vegetables, fortified cereals and oysters.

By addressing any bad habits you have that could harm your hair, and taking advantage of treatments for thinning tresses, you may be able to get fuller, thicker locks.

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