Why Antigua is a must for your 2016 family holiday


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White sand, clear skies, blue seas – if you and your family like the sound of these things, then a trip to Antigua could be on the cards. But it’s not just about the beaches; the laid back lifestyle of the location is something tourists love the most about their visit as they can simply spend the day taking in the gorgeous location and exploring the area for local wildlife and fauna.

It’s not a location just for grown ups, kids can get in on the action too with holiday providers offering toddler friendly holidays in luxury resorts. Antigua has so much to offer families, besides beaches and pools though.

Stingray City is a firm favourite among tourists looking to get up close and personal with the marine life in the crystal clear waters. Tours will drop you off at the location where sting rays congregate and you can paddle in the water as these magnificent creatures pass by below you. If you can’t make it to this destination, then simply snorkeling in the ocean will be a wonder itself as there are rock pools and coves featuring exotic marine life to marvel at.

The location is also perfect for history buffs, with plenty of historical sites to explore on the island. Plan a visit to Nelson’s Dockyard, which has been lovingly restored but still allows you to enjoy the rich history of the place. Boats continue to use the dock so you can watch these come and go and there should be plenty of opportunity to snap some pictures while you walk round. The Dockyard Museum is also worth a visit.

Alternatively, you could plan a visit to St John’s Cathedral, which is a wonder to explore and is considered to house a building within a building to protect it from earthquakes or hurricanes.

If you’re more of a social group, then a visit to Shirley Heights should be on the cards. 

This is a group of hills overlooking the dockyard and where you can enjoy the sounds of steel drums being played by a local band. Have a drink, a bite to eat and watch the sun set if you get there early enough.

Food in Antigua is delicious and great if you’re the sort of family who loves nothing more than sampling new dishes. Due to its location, fresh fish dishes are easy to come by and be sure to try Ducana if it is on the menu – Ducana is a delicious dish of grated sweet potato with coconut, spices and sugar which is steamed in a banana leaf and served with saltfish. Finish it off with a glass of Wadadli, the local lager.

Antigua has it all when it comes to a holiday – a laidback attitude, a vibrant personality, stunning locations and plenty to keep you and the kids entertained while visiting. The island is a hot destination for cruise ships, so expect tourist areas to be very busy in peak seasons as people pile off the boats to enjoy the island’s beauty and hot spots! Bear this in mind when booking your trip.

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