How to entertain the kids in Manchester

rock climbing

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Ah, Manchester, unfairly looked upon as Liverpool’s lesser cousin. One has the Beatles, one has Oasis; one has a relatively low crime rate, one has a relatively high crime rate; one has a beautiful, historic dock area, and one has Old Trafford… But, I’m here to tell you that Manchester is not just the rainiest place in England, but it also a brilliant day out with the kids if you want to avoid people singing ‘Yellow Submarine’ 24/7. If you need convincing, read on my untrustworthy reader!

Rock Climbing

This activity serves two purposes as it will entertain the kids for a while, but it should also tire them out giving you an early night … hopefully. Rock Over Climbing is a rock climbing venue in Strangeways (not the prison) that allows kids to experience all the fun of rock climbing without all that nastiness that comes with mountains or the outdoors (127 Hours anyone). Parking here, like everywhere else in Manchester, isn’t all that easy to come by, so make sure to check out a company like that will enable you to find a garage or space to rent out for the day. I never got into the whole rock climbing thing myself as a kid, and I still don’t understand it, but kids I know can’t get enough of it, so there must be something good going on with it.

Treasure Trail

The Manchester Spy Mission Treasure Trail – aside from being a mouthful – is another great, family orientated activity, which – if the climbing didn’t work – will definitely tire the kids out. Your kids will get to feel like James Bond (aside from the misogyny, of course) as they weave their way through Manchester finding clues and solving puzzles so that they can save the day like a true British spy hero would. It gets you and kids out into the fresh air and the trail might even tax your brain as well as the kids’…

Laser Tag

Laser tag: a perennial favourite among kids who get to act out their Halo or Doom fantasies without the impending threat of being ripped apart by aliens. Found at the Trafford Centre, Laser Quest is only £4.50 per person (adult or child) and ensures a memorable (and again tiring for the kids) few hours. If you don’t know what it is, it’s like paintball without the mess, pain, and bruises. You wear a little plastic sensor vest that when shot by a laser gun (not the Star Wars type laser blaster gun) emits a buzzing and changes colour and the other team get a point, etc. The kids are dropped into a maze-type area where they get to roam and form teams whilst pretending their facing a horde or blood thirsty aliens and not just some 10 year old’s birthday party … it’s also really fun for adults if you have enough friends to join you.

If all of these seem too active for you (or boring because you’ll get bored just watching), then Manchester is full of museums and art galleries that are geared more equally to children and adults.

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