The ‘Value of Mum’

Being a parent is HARD. Whether you stay at home full time to look after the children, whether you work full time outside the home, or whether you do what a lot of us do, and juggle part time career with parenting. Have you ever wondered what your parenting ‘salary’ should be?

Mum Salary

SunLife have developed a light hearted yet informative quiz around the ‘Value of Mum’ (or Dad!) which shows you what your ‘salary’ would be, were you to be paid for all the parenting jobs you do, from cooking and cleaning to being nurse and taxi driver for your children.

I took the quiz earlier this week, and was amazed to see I should be earning in excess of £56,000 a year! If only….

Value of Mum

It’s quite scary when you are asked to total up just how many hours a day you spend doing certain things, such as laundry and childcare. It makes you wonder how you ever have time for anything else! I think it opens your eyes to how busy you really are as a parent, especially if you are also combining some sort of paid job with the daily trials and tribulations of being a mum or dad. 

Have you ever really thought about how much you do in an average day, and average week? Why not have a go at the quiz yourself and let me know what your results were? Do you think the quiz is accurate? 

How I wish there was a ‘mum salary’. I could definitely do with £56k right about now…!

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