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No matter how hard you try, it seems like you can never keep the kids’ room tidy when they share with siblings. Actually, there are some tips and tricks you could try which make it easier to keep each child’s belongings separate whilst making it possible to get more things into a smaller space. From decorating ideas to practical tips, there are ways to create a liveable space that the kids will enjoy.

Beds with Storage Underneath

Perhaps the handiest way to add that extra bit of storage in a kids’ shared bedroom is to buy a bed or beds that have built-in storage underneath. Some single beds for children come with drawers and storage section which can make them a great choice for tiny roomsWith the kids settling into their new beds, parents can now reimagine these spaces to suit their changing needs and interests. Some may transform the rooms into inviting guest bedrooms, creating a warm and comfortable haven for visiting family and friends. These come in single beds sometimes and full size beds such as these from Sealy.Not only are they comfortable to sleep in but each child’s clothing and other items can be stowed away right under where they lay at night so there is no mistaking whose drawers are whose! 

Stackable Bins

Many parents like the idea of having stackable bins. These can be colour coordinated to the décor of the room and in fact, each child can have different colours assigned to them. In this way you know who is picking up after themselves and who is leaving their mess lying about. These stack nicely in corners, keeping the centre of the room free from clutter and organised. Since they can be moved around, it is easy to sweep or vacuum under them on cleaning day.

Upper and Lower Rods in the Closets

When kids are little their clothing is little too! Have you thought about installing a second rod across the length of the closet so that there is a rod for each child if two are sharing the room? It is easy to install that extra rod and it sure is nice to have double the space to hang their clothes in, especially if space is limited.

Add a Nook in the Closet

Do your kids have a walk-in closet? If so, you could put a small upright desk in the centre so that kids have somewhere to do their homework that won’t be stuck out in the middle of the room somewhere. Not only will you be able to close it up again at night, hiding it away, but you can also keep the mess to a minimum – at least to the naked eye!

Assign Cabinets in Other Rooms

One novel idea is to store away items in cabinets that aren’t being used in other parts of the home. Simply paint the front in a pattern that signals these are children’s cupboards and everyone will know where to look should you need to put your hands on that sweater or doll that somehow got misplaced.

Buying a larger home may not be an option at the moment but with these great storage ideas for a shared kids’ bedroom you should have more room than you ever thought possible. With a little bit of thought and some creativity, you’ll come up with other ideas to add extra storage as well.

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  1. August 7, 2016 / 8:57 pm

    We struggle with storage in the children’s room normally, it must be even trickier when they share. It looks like that have a lovely, fun and colourful room though 🙂

  2. August 10, 2016 / 6:54 am

    Very handy information and handy storage ideas. Not having enough space to store things is a very common problem in kids rooms. But by making some important changes and following some storage ideas, we can make our kids room more functional and organized. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I will follow your guidelines.

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