5 Disney inspired bedrooms your kids will love

Toy Story bedroom

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The magical world of Disney has changed over time – while many parents will have watched their favourite movies in animated form, kids of today are seeing the live action remakes in 3D which thanks to CGI, really bring the characters to life. But while the graphics might change, what definitely won’t change is our love for it.

You might be an adult now, but wouldn’t you have a Disney-themed bedroom if you could? Unfortunately, you reach a certain age and it isn’t quite so acceptable – or your partner just won’t let you. So, why not do it for your kids’ rooms and make their wildest dreams come true instead?

There are so many Disney products available that it couldn’t be easier. You can go for a Disney-inspired room that’s as subtle or over the top as you like, either taking inspiration from your child’s favourite Disney film, or by just creating a general Disney theme.

Before you get started, here are a few Disney inspired bedrooms to give you some ideas and ensure that you all, “…live happily ever after”!

Finding Nemo

Finding Dory was released in cinemas in July – 13 years after the original – and is likely to be very popular with kids this year.

This is fairly easy to recreate because ultimately you are creating an underwater scene. This article should give you some inspiration, from the Dory and Nemo wall murals and hanging Christmas tree ornaments that emulate bubbles, to a unique bed based on the sea-turtle Crush and a surfboard themed desk.

To create the bed why not get a base from Divan Beds Centre and then customise it to you child’s favourite character or element of the film.

Disney Princess

Does your little girl dream of being swept away on a magic carpet or finding her fairy godmother? If her favourite thing about Disney is the princesses, then her room should be fit for one.

Take a look at this Buzzfeed article which walks you through each corner of the room, from a Cinderella carriage bed, to princess-themed door handles and tiara curtain ties.

They also advise that you use the accent colours of your child’s favourite princess for the colour palette – on top of this you will be able to find relevant stencils to complete the look.     


Your child’s bedroom doesn’t need to be based on a specific film, you could just take inspiration from the fairytale themes like this Dad did.

My daughter wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books, climb the branches, and also have a top sitting area… I used Disney set-design as my inspiration.”

 Take the elements of Disney that your child loves and put them together to make the perfect Disney-themed bedroom.


This icy tale, with its showstopping songs, has become Disney’s biggest animation of all time, winning over kids and grown-ups alike all around the world.

If your child has watched the film so many times that they know all the words, then what better theme than a Frozen one?

Start with your colour palette – you may want to choose an image to centre the palette around, and then choose your key colours from there.

Make use of string lights across the room – the sparkle will be a great addition to a Frozen theme.

You can then find all you need to finish off the look, from bedding and chairs to lampshade and mirrors.

Toy Story

Children love to think their toys come to life, like they do in this animated adventure. So, why not help them with a Toy Story themed bedroom?

Again, a great place to start is with stencils and your colour scheme.

Take Andy’s room as inspiration – you could recreate it, like these superfans did, or just use elements of it, mixed and matched with Toy Story themed furniture.


Whichever theme you choose it is bound to be magical and put a big smile on the face of your little ones.

*This is a collaborative post*


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