Garden shed maintenance tips for winter

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Winter is coming! The weather forecast is saying snow is just over the horizon and Christmas is just around the corner. Before the snow hits, the Christmas turkey is ready and the garden is abandoned, it might be time to think about the garden shed.

You might have used your garden shed all year round, filled it with everything from tools to bikes, and now it is sat at the end of the garden looking a little worse for wear.

York Timber Products have some garden shed maintenance tips for you to take note of before winter arrives, and if all else fails, they are here to find you the perfect shed:

Treat The Wood

Treating the timber (or whichever wood your shed is made from) is something you should do once a year. Using a good quality treatment and a preserver means you can hopefully keep your shed lasting for as long as possible.

These treatments can come in a spray or paint form which can be easily applied. They help stop the wood rotting and fight fungal infections in the wood.

Sort Out The Clutter

The last thing you want when the snow arrives is having to fight through all the clutter in your shed trying to get to the grit, salt and shovel you have left right at the back.

Rearranging your garden shed for the winter is a great way to sort through all your clutter, throw away things you don’t need and get organised. This can also be great to do just before Christmas when you start receiving all the gifts you will never use but haven’t the heart to throw away.

Check The Roof For Leaks

Autumn and winter only really means one thing, rain, rain, rain and then a little bit of snow. This means your shed is coming under far from elements left, right and centre. On top of the rain and snow, the temperatures drop and this can have a real effect on your garden shed.

To maintain your shed throughout the winter, have a look for any leaks or cracks whether that is in the windows, door or on the roof. Cracks that become wet and freeze can expand and cause real damage to your shed.

Make sure to fill in any cracks, fix any leaks on the roof and then check inside the shed to see how well your fixes have worked.

Check The Surrounding Areas

Once you have tidied the shed, organised the clutter, fixed the leaks and put your treatment on the wood, you should think about anything that surrounds the shed. Things like trees, bushes or things leaning against the shed can add extra pressure to the garden shed throughout the winter.

Cut back any trees or bushes that are leaning on the shed or dripping water onto the wood or roof. This will mean that you have less chance of moisture affecting the shed throughout the year. It also means that the shed might (hopefully) get some more sunlight which can help combat all the rain.

Purchase A New Shed

If all else fails, the shed is crying out to be retired and you think you might be looking for a new garden shed, do it! What better time to buy yourself a new garden shed, organise your clutter and treat yourself for Christmas?

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