Make your own chocolate free advent calendar

chocolate free advent calendar

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One of the best things about the run up to Christmas is of course the advent calendar, that little treat at the start of each day to count down to your favourite day of year; but, if you’re worried about just how much chocolate you’re going to be consuming over the festive period (or even if you just fancy something a bit different), there are many alternatives to chocolate advent calendars! And the best thing about these options is that you can make them yourself, not only letting you be creative with your ideas for the advent calendars, but also creating an exciting afternoon activity for your children. 

Fabric or Cardboard?

Firstly, you need to decide what material you’re going to be creating your chocolate free advent calendar from; two of the best options we like to work with are fabric and cardboard, as these are the most durable, yet easy to work with. If you’re stuck for inspiration on what design to create for your DIY adventure calendar, why not take a look at Pinterest for some great ideas?

If you’re building it from cardboard, you can create little doors for the treats to hide behind or if it’s a fabric one, pouches can be designed for the treats to sit in, much like in this image below:

Alternatives to Chocolate

In this health conscious society that we live in, many parents are keen to dream up alternatives to the everyday advent calendars that you can get. But trying to decide what to fill them with can get tricky.


Find 25 different little figurines from Lego and by Christmas day you’ll have enough of a stash to create a little Lego figurine party. Filling your advent calendar with Lego could even allow you to build up to a bigger present come Christmas day, your children will be eagerly waiting what other Lego treats Santa will be bringing down the chimney!

Stationery / Craft Products

Filling each day with a different piece of stationery or craft product will create perfect winter day activities for your kids. Providing them with a different item each day to create some cracking Christmas crafts.


Placing Christmas themed ornaments can be a great way to make memories at Christmas; finding little surprises that your children can decorate the tree and house with at Christmas can be a great way to bring the festive spirit into your home this year, and create great memories for your family.


Whilst it’s all well and good trying to abstain from chocolate at Christmas, sometimes a bit of a sugary treat is just what you need at this time of year. So, if you’re still looking for something edible for your Advent Calendars at Christmas, using sweets could be a great alternative to chocolate. You can find a great range of children’s favourite sweet treats that will be perfect for Christmas time at Retro Sweet.

Treasure Map

Making a game out of your advent calendar is a great way to keep your children entertained, and a treasure map could be the perfect idea. Creating clues each day to take your children to an even bigger and better prize will keep them excited and eager to find a new clue each day.

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