Winter hair care tips


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This time of year can be really hard on hair. The differences in temperature between the cold, frosty outdoors and the warm, centrally heated indoors can play havoc with your locks. But there are ways to keep your hair in tip top condition this winter.

  1. Invest in a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to lock more moisture into your hair. The colder weather can really dry it out, so a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner should definitely be top of your weekly shopping list!
  2. It’s also worth considering a hair mask as part of your routine in the colder months. If possible, leave it in overnight before towel drying the excess and washing as normal. You will find that it leaves your hair super soft and silky. 
  3. Make an effort to cut down on heated appliance use. Too much heat is really bad for our hair, and combined with central heating, the use of hairdryers and straighteners can be really damaging. Try and only use these appliances when really necessary, and choose a lower heat setting. Also consider using a heat protect spray before use. 
  4. Remember to visit the hairdresser regularly. Frequent trims help to keep your hair in the best condition. They are also the best people to ask for advice on any hair conditions, from split ends and brittle hair to colours, cuts and hair loss. Hair loss is so much more common than you might think, and there are options available, such as hair transplant. 
  5. Dry, cold conditions can also cause an itchy, flaky scalp. Instead of using an anti dandruff shampoo, you can try adding some lemon juice to some heated hair oil. Massage through your hair and into your scalp for a smooth, non irritated head all winter. 

By making a couple of small changes to your hair care routine this winter, you can ensure that your locks look perfect for the festive season, Christmas parties and family days out. Check out PRP Hair Los Angeles for more hair care info.

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