How do I become a personal assistant?

personal assistant

It might be the first time you’ve asked yourself this very question, or the hundredth, what are your options? What skills do you need? Might it be the job of your dreams and might it finally be time to go for it?

The role of a Personal Assistant has evolved in modern times, beyond all recognition compared to the same role of only a couple of decades ago. Long gone is the image of a harassed and underpaid aide, following someone else around, while busily taking notes and organising so many other things.

The modern P.A enjoys a much more specialised, professional and respected role, along with very competitive salaries, even at junior levels, with Executive Assistants earning in excess of 50k per year. As a Personal Assistant you can expect to gain exposure and experience across all levels of business. Then, make the most of that experience with options to move into Project or Event Management and a host of other managerial roles.

The role of a modern Personal Assistant.

A modern-day Personal Assistant can do many things very well, and multi-tasking ability is a real bonus, as the role is about much more than secretarial and admin skills. The personal Assistant of today is much more of a business support partner to their managers, and a skilled and vital resource; managing diaries, meeting clients, preparing presentations, planning and budget management, even handling Human Resource issues and liaising with other departments and businesses, providing a vital and efficient point of contact for their manager, in many different ways.

Getting qualified

Getting well qualified is important for any specialised role, as a P.A that is especially the case. A large part of success in the role revolves around the ability to manage people and develop relationships. Bearing that in mind, classroom based P.A courses tend to be far more effective and beneficial, than courses based online. Getting the right qualification is also important, with specialist providers such as Souters training in London, providing the strongest and best learner experience by far, along with the peace of mind of learning in partnership with a well established, CPD accredited provider.

If you have good interpersonal & I.T skills, thrive under pressure and really enjoy developing relationships, you probably have what it takes to be a Personal Assistant. It can be a challenging and busy role, with a level of responsibility that grows as the relationship with your manager grows, but often there are flexible hours and days when you might work from home, suiting those with families. There has never been a better time to stop asking yourself how to become a P.A and start taking steps towards realising your goal.


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