5 things to consider when buying a family car

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Aside from the homes we live in, the cars we buy are just about the biggest purchases the average person will ever make. The importance of which is even greater when it comes to buying a car to get the whole family around. Endless options, myriad models and prices that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Nevertheless, there are really just five major considerations to bear in mind during the purchase process, which are as follows:

  1. Safety 

First and foremost, there’s absolutely nothing that should be prioritised over and above safety. Cars these days are safer than ever, though some excel light years ahead of others. As such, it’s worth getting yourself online and checking out the exact safety rating of any given car you are considering before making your final decision. If it has a safety rating that simply isn’t up to par, it shouldn’t be making it to your shortlist.

  1. Size of Your family

Unsurprisingly, the size of your family should also be taken into consideration. It’s always worth going with a car that is a little bigger than your requirements dictate, in order to leave a little breathing room. You’ll have to weigh up the usual small car versus MPV argument, given how both have their own unique pros and cons. Just remember that your kids will grow, you’re always going to need plenty of luggage space and you might decide to add pets (or more kids) to the family soon enough!

  1. Typical Usage

You’d probably be surprised to learn what the average family car goes through during its lifetime. Nevertheless, every one of us uses our own cars in very different ways. For example, some head to the continent for ski trips twice a year, some like to get lost out in the country and then there are those who only ever touch their cars for the school run. Some like to tow caravans and trailers, others can think of little worse! Draw up a list detailing how exactly you plan to use your car and make sure you choose a model that fits the bill.

  1. Budget

If you’re looking to borrow money or use some kind of financial service to purchase the car, chances you’re going to have your credit score examined. This will determine not only which services you qualify for, but how much you can expect to pay in interest rates, fees and so on. So before getting started, you should get a credit report done (free from ClearScore) allowing you to check exactly what information is registered against your name at the credit-reference agencies, before applying for car loans. Not sure what any of this means then this ClearScore page should clear things up for you.

  1. What Is Important to You? 

Last but not least, the final decision comes entirely down to what matters most to you. Are you all about power and performance, or do you prefer fuel-economy and comfort? Is safety all that matters, or do you need a car that looks good? Once again, it’s simply a case of weighing up your priorities and ensuring that the cars you shortlist tick all…or at least most of…the right boxes.


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