Black vs Beige tights – when should you wear each one?


Dressing appropriately is a must. Understanding the company you’re keeping and which styles work for each season will put you miles ahead of the game. Your accessories — and your choices in pantyhose colour — are just as important as what dress you choose to put on. Your hose can contrast your outfit and create a pop of colour, or it can give a complimentary and demur touch to your appearance.

In this article, we’ll discuss when to wear beige or black tights.

Beige Tights — A New Conversation

Beige tights were long relegated to the style choices of a bygone era when the Duchess of Cambridge began to don them for every occasion, wowing the crowd every time she did. It has caused a resurgence in the popularity of sheer hosiery, as women across the globe took notes and saw the way she effortlessly paired them with elegant clothing worn while jet-setting around the world.

Sheer tights are good for in the springtime when the weather is still cool, and you want that added layer of warmth. Their practical invisibility can have the benefit of giving you support while letting you appear bare-legged. You can also don them in the summer, enjoying the glossy sheen that they provide, and they can help you transition into autumn while wearing your cute summer skirts and chunky sweaters.

You can go formal with them and take them to the office, as they convey an air of professionalism, and they can be worn with an evening gown for a night on the town. If you’re into having a bit of fun, they can even be paired with shorts while frolicking in the daytime.

Another great reason to add sheer hosiery to your wardrobe is because it can be worn with anything. It will not create a stark contrast with anything you are wearing, and you will not have to consider whether or not it will go with your outfit. It can also save you valuable time when you are getting ready in the morning to go with sheer tights, as they are tried and true. You will, however, need to exercise caution when wearing something very short, as it can give the impression that you are not wearing any pants.

When to Wear Black Tights

Black tights are generally not advised as a style option in the spring and summer months. As one editorial put it, they are fine in any month that has an R in it, and this would naturally exclude the months of May, June, July, and August. How long a person can tolerate cold weather on bare legs is up to them, but at some point, it becomes necessary to add tights to your wardrobe.

Some fashion mavens opt for wearing black from head to toe: little black dress, black stockings, and black shoes for a sophisticated night life look. You can wear your black tights all day in the office, and not need to change them when it is time to go out for an evening of fun. You can look sleek and professional while adding a little bit of flair to your workday attire, and black tights add a bit of fun to your outfit.

Celebrities have been seen lately wearing their black tights with peep toe shoes, and you can definitely pair them with thigh-high boots or chunky wedges. They are versatile and go with just about everything. The old rule of keeping your blacks and navy blues separate seems to be dissipating as well, and pairing the two together is even seen as being fashion-forward.

It is suggested, however, that the colour of your tights match the colour of your shoes to achieve a streamlined look.


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