Why every owner should get their dog trained

dog training

Are you a new dog owner or contemplating becoming one?

Things should run smoothly. Yet, you may run into some problems, especially if you do not train the dog well. For this reason, experts highly recommend taking your dog to see a behaviour specialist. Doing so will make living together easier for both you and the dog.

The following are six of the top reasons why every new dog owner should send their pet to formal dog obedience and training sessions.                             

1. To Avoid Improper Training

As a novice to dog ownership, you are most likely unprepared to properly administer training. Do you really have the patience?

Any small mistake can lead to years of behaviour problems. In fact, after a dog reaches a certain age, it can be very difficult to break them out of bad habits. Many households have to endure their pets using the bathroom indoors or tearing up furniture as a result. Avoid these types of aggravations by allowing the professionals to train your new dog.

2. To Increase Their Level of Safety

Quite simply, we live in a human world. Society is set up by people, for people. Your dog must learn to survive amongst humanity without being able to speak. By taking them to obedience classes, you can increase their safety level. They will be more aware of human expectations than otherwise.

3. To be Able to Travel

Many pet owners want to take long vacations but know they cannot leave their dog at home alone. They also know that pet kennels can cost quite a bit. Moreover, even if they do have the money, most owners would rather not be away from their beloved dog for prolonged periods.

A dog trained and socialised in an obedience school is better capable of being taken along on trips. You can trust that they will behave appropriately in a hotel, on a plane or at the beach.

4. To Enjoy a Better Bonding Experience

Formal training will teach your dog about human expectations. This knowledge will make it easier for you and the pet to bond.

You two will be able to establish and maintain a relationship. Professional training provides the grounds for successful communication between dog and human.

5. To Teach Them Their Role

Dogs are animals who desire a purpose, especially those that are working breeds by nature. They want a task to perform. Obedience classes present a low stress environment for your dog to realise their role in the home. The dog will feel more comfortable understanding just what their function is in the family.

6. To Avoid Lawsuits

Never forget that a dog is an animal. Even if you have a cute little toy breed, it is after all still an animal. The reality is that dogs are living creatures that can act unpredictably. You never know what they may do. The news is full of stories about a seemingly well-behaved dog suddenly attacking someone. You do not want this to be your pet.

Unfortunately, this is a very litigious society. If your dog causes harm to a person, you can be held liable for medical costs and other monetary damages. Moreover, the authorities can actually demand the removal of your dog from the home if they deem the animal a serious threat.

The best way to limit the possibility of your dog attacking someone is to send it to obedience and behaviour training. Let your dog learn how to live among people in a peaceful manner. The certificate validating their attendance in the training course can possibly serve as proof of a well-behaved dog. If another party sues you, the courts may wonder if the victim provoked the dog unnecessarily.

Time to Find a Dog Behaviour Professional

You have now learned six of the benefits of taking your new dog to a professional trainer. The best ones have a true love for dogs and compassion for helping households create a loving environment for their pets.

Before and after you make your choice of trainer, be sure to let them know if you have any special needs. For example, it is common for owners to want their pets socialised with children and other dogs.


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