Quick tips to get travel deals and budget better on your next family travel

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As a parent, you understand that it’s not the cost of the holiday that makes it fun and special for the whole family – it’s the time well-spent together. Whether it’s your next winter getaway to a ski lodge, spring break to an amusement park or summer holiday trip to the beach, you can find many cheap family trips to take on a limited budget.

In some cases, when people look to score cheap family holidays, they still usually find that they’ve exceeded their budget at the end of the trip. You can make cheap family holidays a reality by using the following tips for your travel plans.

Planning for a cheap family holiday.

Look for travel deals online. These days, discount holiday websites are abound, tempting local buyers and making use of local travel agents to find people interested in their package deals. Start by looking at options that will let you take cheap family holidays.

Get a travel insurance. Don’t forget to apply for a travel insurance for each eligible family member to protect them from common travel hitches. You never know when disaster will happen while abroad, so it pays to be safe rather than sorry.

Inquire about extras. Family travel packages typically come with extra features that can be anything from a free night to bonus tickets to a buffet. All extra that can reduce the cost of your travel is great and worth an inquiry. Any time you inquire to a travel or booking agent, ask if there are or how you can take advantage of extra features.

Find all-inclusive packages. Affordable family holidays can typically be found at all-inclusive resorts or family-friendly travel locations. All-inclusive generally refers to bundled and one-price packages that come with hotel accommodations, meals and fun activities.

Take note that all-inclusive packages are normally higher-priced than a la carte travel deals, so many resorts will provide discounts to appeal to travellers, particularly during off-peak travel periods.

Choose off-peak travel. You can usually find cheaper family holiday deals during off-peak travel periods, such as when school is still in session or weeks after a major holiday. For instance, you can score a cheap summer break at a beach destination the week before school ends. During this time, you may get lower prices on everything from hotel rates, activities and amusement park admission tickets.

Take advantage of last minute travel. Most resorts and family holiday destinations offer last minute travel deals one to two weeks before the travel period. This is often due to vacant rooms left unbooked or no-show clients. The cost for these rooms is expectedly lower and can be up for price negotiation.

Be budget conscious

Book your activities in advance. Booking activities in advance, such as off-ship excursions on a cruise or all-day amusement park ticket prior to travel can save you a lot of money. Cut-rate activity prices are typically offered as a bonus of package deals via travel or booking agents.

Book a room or suite with a kitchen. Cooking your own meal daily in your room can save you a significant amount of money. Also, if you request a refrigerator in your room, you can eat cereal for breakfast and remove the cost of three meals a day.

Pay cash. It’s tempting to splurge on things and experience using your credit card for your purchases like souvenirs and room service. Consider paying cash or utilise traveller’s checks purchased in advance before travelling.

That’s it! Use these tips above to get the best travel deals and protect your budget while off travelling with your family.



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