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Children have great imaginations don’t they? My kids are always coming up with weird and wonderful suggestions for new inventions, or ways to improve things they use every day – and that’s definitely something I encourage. Who knows where it could take them?!

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is currently running the #ISeeMore competition supported by Cadburys, to challenge kids to engineer the chocolate bar of the future – and the winning child will get the chance to go and see their creation being made! 

The competition is open to children aged between 8 and 16, and closes on the 16 September 2017. You can see full details here:

Ultimately the competition is about encouraging kids (and especially girls) to understand more about the exciting opportunities available in the science and engineering sectors. 

I asked Gemma for her ideas and suggestions about the chocolate bar of the future, and she went down the Willy Wonka route – a whole meal in a chocolate bar. Starting with a tomato soup flavoured section, then a roast dinner, finishing with a chocolate mousse. I’m not sure how I feel about that one – savoury chocolate? Could it work?

Jacob wanted to go down the construction route. He decided on a banana split flavoured chocolate bar in the shape of a skyscraper. Start at the top, and eat your way down!

The sky really is the limit with this one. What would your children like to create?

  • How will they make / engineer the chocolate bar?
  • How will it look and taste?
  • What shape will it be?
  • What will it be called?
  • What makes it different to chocolate bars that already exist?
  • Has it ever been done before?
  • How creative and quirky is it?
  • What size will it be (how many pieces)?
  • What would the packaging look like?

I would love to see what you and yours come up with, so do drop me a Tweet and let me know if you enter!


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