The ultimate road trip essentials

road trip

Whenever you’re heading off on a long car journey or road trip there’s a lot to plan before you’ve even picked up the car keys. When you’ve got the kids in tow however the trip takes on a whole new level of preparation. From keeping them entertained and more importantly safe, to making sure you don’t have any unexpected hurdles follow my top tips for a foolproof road trip with the family.

Do your checks

The last thing you want half way through your journey is the discovery that you’ve got a flat tyre/your front bulb has blown/you’re all outta oil. Make sure you keep on top of all your safety checks throughout the year to save any mid-journey disasters. Regular servicing and MOT’s from people such as Kwik Fit will ensure any issues are spotted and solved making your journey as smooth as possible.

Plan your route carefully

Once you know where you’re heading, especially if it’s a route you’ve never driven before, take some time to work out which way you’ll go. Think about what’s more important to you. Maybe you want the route that’s the quickest or perhaps you hate driving on country roads so want to avoid them at all costs, either way find the route that works for you. On the day take some time to check for any diversions and what the traffic is looking like on your route in case you need to alter your plans.

Don’t forget some entertainment for your little passengers

Long car journeys can be boring for children so to avoid multiple whines of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ think ahead and take some entertainment. Think about what your child likes and enjoys. Audio books and CD’s are always a good choice although they may start to grate on the driver after too many repeats of Incy Wincy Spider! Loads of companies now do travel size games and books so if your little ones are a little older it could be worth looking into these. If you let your children go on a tablet or phone these are another great way of keeping them entertained…just make sure they’re fully charged before you set off!

Take regular pit stops 

Taking regular breaks is a good idea for adults and children alike. A toilet stop is nearly always needed on a long journey and the chance to stretch your legs and get some fresh air (and maybe a cheeky service station snack) will mean you all get back into the car rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the journey.

What are your road trip top tips?


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