An after-work date | How to make it work


You always want ample amount of time to get ready before a date, especially when it is a first date. After all, there are so many things to do; being able to simply relax and make sure you’re ready for the experience will make the first date more successful and extra enjoyable at the same time.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with first dates. If both of you are working, chances are you have a date planned after office hours. An after-work date can still work and be plenty of fun; you just have to keep these next several tips in mind.

Be Smart with Your Timing

An after-work date usually starts with a phone call earlier in the day. Both of you get off work at 5 pm, so a 5:30 pm date is a great idea, right? Well, not really. By the time you’re done freshening up, you will only have no more than 10 minutes to get to the date. Take the rush-hour traffic into account, and you can see how the date can quickly turn into a disaster.

It is best to set a later time for the date. 6 pm or even 6:30 pm is perfect. It is even better if you can schedule the date on the next day, also around 6 pm. This will give you a lot of time to prepare, allowing you to look your best for the occasion.

Simple Outfits Work

There is another advantage to gain from scheduling the date on the next day, and that is the extra time you have to plan your outfit properly. Keep in mind that you still have to look professional for work, but you have more room to add style to the mix thanks to the extra time.

Some fashion items such as a classic pencil skirt and a lighter blouse can work for both occasions. Take a look at these date night outfits from River Island and it will not take you long before you start mixing and matching tops and bottoms for great looks. My personal favourite is the light grey faux suede pencil skirt; it pairs well with a ruffle sweater top and suits both the date and the work before it nicely.

Don’t worry about changing outfits before the date, as only 28% of men would notice a change in your outfit (and wouldn’t mention it).

Keep It Simple

Simple outfits are just the start. You want to keep everything about the day and the date itself simple. Instead of an overly complicated hairdo, just go with a more natural style that you can fix in minutes after work. The same goes for makeup.

Make sure you also plan ahead for the ride to the place where the two of you will meet. Forget about driving and have a more relaxing journey by getting a taxi or asking for a friend to drop you off. That extra 15 minutes you get from not having to drive is perfect, since you can use the time to relax and prepare more for the date.

These are simple tips to use, and they will get you ready for your next after-work date without a problem. Remember to stop stressing out and go easy on the drinks; you’ll have a great time and perhaps even a second date to look forward to.


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