Cute sneakers for the cold weather

Winter is coming. But that doesn’t necessarily mean rain boots and outdoorsy shoes are invited.

Want to keep your style intact while enduring crisp weather? It’s possible! You don’t have to succumb to wearing winter boots in order to stay warm for the chillier seasons. There are sneakers out there that are made differently so that you can stay looking fly in the frigid months.

Time to get cozy. Here’s a good list of sneakers for cold weather that’ll have you looking chic and feeling warm.

Converse Hi Top Waterproof Sneakers


Somehow, Converse has stayed current through every trend and wave in fashion over the last few decades. Keep that same look while staying warm.

Traditional converse might be too thin to wear when it gets particularly cold or when it’s raining hard. These Hi Top Chuck Taylor All Stars are waterproof and made with nubuck, so your feet will stay dry. The bottom is textured with vulcanized rubber traction, so you won’t be slipping around.

Perfect for colder, rainy places like Seattle. Stomp through the city carefree and comfortable. These shoes retail for over $100, but Converse is known to offer coupon codes quite often.

Ultraboost All Terrain Adidas Shoes

Working out in a colder climate can be a challenge, but the Ultraboost All Terrain Shoes by Adidas can make it easier. Exercise despite any weather conditions. You must get that cardio in!

The cinched back covers your skin from what would otherwise be exposed to the elements. These are effective workout shoes for freezing weather that requires your skin to be almost fully covered from a biting chill. It also comes with a thin “film” on the top that helps repel water.

These Adidas go for $220, but they’re long lasting and they look great with any casual outfit.

Nike Sneaker Boot

These almost don’t qualify for sneakers since there aren’t laces, but they are just cool enough to stay on the list. The Nike Sneaker Boot is a choice shoe for someone that doesn’t want to sacrifice style just because the weather isn’t cooperating.

Nike has created a shoe that is extremely sleek while keeping you safe from the elements. With polished leather and a stretchy neoprene backing, it’s easy to put on one of these sneaker boots. The bottom is a flex-groove tread for traction to keep you safe from slipping on wet or icy concrete outside.

Timberland Hi Top Sneakers

Many of Timberland’s shoes are made for cold, east coast climates. However, we found a good in between boot and sneaker option you can wear when the weather is unpleasant.

The Hi Top Sneakers by Timberland come in Wheat or Black. You just have to worry about keeping that sole nice and white!

The padded back collar and tongue gives it a cushiony snug feel when you’re wearing it. The description boasts Cordura Ecomade Fiber which is “four times as strong as cotton.”

Vans X North Face Sneaker

The North Face is known as a clothing company to wear when braving the elements. Recently, The North Face and Vans have teamed up to create a shoe that is a good mix between skate sneakers and shoes to be worn in colder conditions.

This partnership has brought you the jaw-dropping Sk8-Hi MTE DX Sneaker. The limited edition sneakers bring “cool” to The North Face.

The interior is lined with fleece, which means it was created to make feet happy. MTE 360 Technology keeps heat in while also promoting airflow. The sizes are unisex, so they’re made for everyone!

Ugg Sneakers

Yep, even Ugg makes sneakers! When you think of Uggs, you may think of Paris Hilton circa 2006 wearing those plush boots with the fleece interior. Ugg offers a ton of other options, including their modern sneaker!

“That’s hot,” as Paris would say.

These sneakers can be worn with jeans, leggings, or anything else you wear in the cold when trying to stay warm.

The lining is made of soft and breathable leather with a rubber outsole.

Frye Lena Hiker

Frye has an unbeatable reputation for shoes that last for years. This description is no different when it involves their sneakers. The Frye Lena Hikers are smart addition to any wardrobe filled with jackets, gloves, scarfs, and sweaters.

They also come in black with red sneakers for a more punk look.

These shoes are made with smooth, high quality leather that have a “next-to-skin feel.” Like their boots, these should last you a while!


Not much is cooler than Supra brand. Skaters galore rock these shoes founded in California. However, not all Supra shoes are made for California weather. Supra now makes Vaider Cold Weather Skate Shoes for the skater (or casual brand wearer) who needs a little more coverage.

They look heavy-duty, but they’re light enough to skate in. These durable yet comfortable shoes are great with a solid windbreaker or nice pair of jeans.

Don’t let bitter weather keep you from having a good skate day.

Nike UltraBOOST Uncaged Running Shoes

When the weather is bleak but you need to get a good run in, try the Nike UltraBOOST Uncaged running shoe.

There’s no real end to the top part of the shoe. It just sort of cinches around the ankle which is fascinating. This is where the “uncaged” idea comes from. You won’t have to worry about blisters or calluses since there isn’t that chafing back part of the shoe that rubs against the ankle. The breaking-in process of the shoe is a real “cinch!”

Brave the Cold

With these cold weather sneakers in mind, you can keep your relaxed style polished. Face the elements confidently — and stylishly — while keeping your toes warm in the process.


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