Letting Eliza lead the way

Eliza could easily be described as feisty. She is fiercely independent and wants to do everything herself. Too often, I think we are guilty of doing things for her, just because it is quicker and easier. This weekend we have allowed her to take the lead a little, and see if there is any change in her behaviour.

We started by letting her choose her clothes. I usually get everything laid out the night before, to save time in the morning, but today we let her select what she wanted to wear. 

Eliza choosing clothes Eliza choosing clothes

Once she was dressed, I was going to take her straight down for breakfast, but she wasn’t in a rush, and fancied a game of Connect 4 first. Who am I to argue, at the weekend, when we didn’t have any plans?! So we played a couple of rounds before she asked for something to eat.

Connect 4

We do always let Eliza choose her own cereal, but this morning, there was an extra option – the new HiPP Organic pouches, including a variety of breakfast options. These pouches are light, re-sealable and unbreakable – perfect for when we are in a rush and need to get out the house fast! They are also a great way to get up to 2 of the 5 a day into Eliza. Eliza is great at eating a variety of foods, and I think this is partly down to the fact that we offered more vegetables than fruit during weaning, helping her to move away from a natural preference for sweeter tastes, and reducing fussy eating. 

HiPP Organic

This morning, Eliza selected the HiPP Organic apple, cherry and banana breakfast pouch – and it was a massive hit. So much so, that she cried when it was all gone!

Eliza eating HiPP Organic Eliza eating HiPP Organic Eliza eating HiPP Organic

After breakfast we watched a couple of episodes of Paw Patrol (which means the theme tune is now stuck in my head), before Eliza wanted to get out the car mat and cars. Max was pleased with this plan too, and they played beautifully together for a long time.

Eliza playing Eliza playing Eliza and Max playing

After lunch and a bit of playing outside in the garden, Eliza was offered a choice of 2 meals for dinner, and selected fajitas. We all enjoyed those, followed by a quick story before the bath and bedtime routine. We read one of the new HiPP Buddies stories – the newest addition to the HiPP family. They are a group of hard working, furry friends who have one goal – to make the finest organic pouches for kids! Each buddy has their own task on the HiPP farm – to pick the fruit and veg, mash them, stir them or fill the pouches. Eliza’s favourite was Max the monkey, which caused a lot of hilarity and comparisons to her brother! 

HiPP Buddies HiPP Buddies

Letting Eliza take the lead has made me rethink the way we manage her day. So often, when we are busy and rushing from one place to another, we automatically choose for her. This must be so frustrating, and I can actually understand a lot of the tantrums now. So, we are going to be offering her more choice. This will be restricted to a certain extent, otherwise we will never get out the house in the morning, but we can definitely make some changes. Laying out 2 outfits the night before and letting her pick her favourite in the morning. Offering her a choice at breakfast, and allowing her some freedom to choose from a range of other meals. Letting her choose which shoes to wear, or which coat she would like. Simple things that allow her to exert her independence in a constructive way. 

If you fancy trying the new HiPP Organic range yourself, I have a voucher for Family Fever readers – simply click here to claim yours.

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