Planning a fun family break in London


From booking your tickets, packing suitcases, to sightseeing, planning a fun family break requires some effort. As everyone who has ever traveled with kids before can testify – it takes a skill to make family travel a great success.

With lots of family-friendly museums, magical theatre shows, and plenty of fun kid’s activities, London seems to be the best choice for achieving the ultimate satisfaction of your clan. However, the plenitude of choices – where to go and what to see – can also be overwhelming.

Unable to decide, many of us delay the process of booking activities in advance until it’s too late. Yet, this is exactly what you need to avoid if you don’t want to max out the family budget. Planning is key if you want to save some pennies on travel and entry tickets.

Below you can find some tips, that will hopefully give you some ideas and streamline the whole process.

Find a convenient place to stay in central London

The key to success to any family break is to know your limitations. Rushing from place to place might be something natural for busy adults but can be stressful for kids who are not familiar with all hustle and bustle that big city has to offer. You can avoid the stress for yourself (and the rest of the family) of an extra commute by booking a reasonably- priced accommodation in advanced.

Staying somewhere central means getting around the city more easily, and more efficient. You will be able to pop back to the hotel room to refresh any time you need it, without having to rely on public changing rooms in cafes and restaurants. And there won’t be any issues about carrying around extra bags or coats etc. The beginning of the spring seasons is the best time to look for some great discounts on hotel rooms, such as Thistle Trafalgar Square, in the city centre. Some of them offer family deals for all the sensible early birds who know the right way to conquer the big cities.

Plan your travel ahead

Be smart and make the most of the travel discounts by booking in advance your travel tickets. In general, the further ahead you book the tickets, the cheaper their costs will be.

But advanced tickets are not only great because of the best value for money they offer, they also help you to plan your trip in time, leaving plenty of room for other strategic decision to be made. You can also book seats together which is great when travelling as a family as there’s no panic on the day of travel by trying to find seats together on the train.

Pre-book the most crowded activities

There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy the city the way you have planned it. Most of the Londoners know that spontaneity won’t always get you a seat in your favourite restaurant, neither a ticket for the must-see West End show. After spending some time in the city, pre-booking tickets for the events becomes your second nature, the only one that can guarantee not missing out. If you’re plotting to take your family to some of the top London attractions, think like Londoner to avoid disappointments, and pre-book the activities that all of you want to see! There is plenty to choose from. You can rub shoulders with more than 300 stunning wax figures of celebrities at Madame Tussauds, explore the magic world of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studio, or marvel at the panoramic 360 degrees views of London at the Coca-Cola London Eye.

Find some time for culture

London has it’s all when it comes to entertainment, but the world’s top museums and galleries scattered around the city also makes it the most culturally vibrant capital in the world. In London, most of the museum are family friendly and offer hundreds of interactive and engaging exhibitions, that make the visit interesting for kids in any age from toddlers to teens. Loved by all kids – National History Museum, with its life- size models of mammals and dinosaurs could be your starting point. More history awaits at the V & A museum that offers interesting overview of childhood with a collection of toys, dolls, and games dating back to 1600.


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