How to transform a baby bedroom into a teen paradise

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Your baby isn’t going to want dinosaurs and princesses on their wall forever, and they’ll soon start begging for something a little more ‘grown up’ and ‘cool’. Every parent dreads their baby growing up, and this is just a reminder that it is all happening too fast.

Happy Beds have shared some of their top tips on transforming a baby bedroom into a teenage paradise that children will love spending more time in.

Get Rid of the Bunk Bed

There is no doubt that bunk beds are super convenient when it comes to inviting over guests. While these may be great, teenagers may find that a small double bed is much more grown up. There is a lot more space for your growing teenager to starfish than with a single bed, and sleepovers with their friends can still be an option – if they’re willing to share, that is.

Don’t Choose Any Patterns!

Teenagers are fickle and as they adapt to teenager life, their tastes will change. Therefore, it is important to choose plain wallpaper or paint, rather than outrageous patterns that they could learn to hate. Opt for plain colours that you know won’t be hated in a couple of years’ time; blues, pinks, yellows and greens are all time classics.

Let Them Express Themselves

With that being said, let your teenagers take over the walls with photo frames and ornaments that won’t ruin the walls. Redecorating isn’t cheap, and this is a way to let your teenagers add their own stamp to the bedroom without having to break the bank every couple of months.

Add Extra Storage

The older your child gets, the more toys, clothes and shoes they have to their name. Most parents have two options; either nag them to bin half of it, which probably won’t go down very well, or invest in more storage.

Why not invest in an ottoman storage bed, rather than a whole new cupboard which there may not be room for? This way, teenagers can keep all of their clothes under their bed, rather than all over the bedroom floor.

Set Up a Study Area

Exams take over a teenager’s life, which is why having a relaxing place to study is a great bedroom development. A comfortable chair and desk with a lot of working space will encourage your teenager to do that extra little bit of studying without being nagged. While the kitchen table is a revision option, there are always blender sounds and microwave pings taking place, which is why the bedroom is a more peaceful option where they can get more done.


This post was written in collaboration with Happy Beds; the UK’s fastest growing online bed and mattress store, and also the only UK supplier of the 100% recyclable cardboard bed.


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