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Star maps seem to be really popular at the moment – and I can see why. They make great, personalised gifts, and not just for birthdays. They can be tailored to celebrate anything, from the birth of a baby to a wedding anniversary. The custom star maps from Modern Map Art are a really great way to remember the greatest moments in your own life, and no two maps are the same, as each design uses the unique time and place that is special to you.

We were recently offered the chance to design our own star map, and after a lot of consideration, we decided to choose the day that our eldest daughter was born – the day and time our family really began. 

Star map Star map

Customising your design is so easy. You can choose all sorts of personalised options – background colour, location, date, time, title and font. You can also select whether you would like a border or not, and whether you would prefer the constellations to be shown, as we chose, or whether you would just prefer the starry night sky. The star maps are available in sizes from 8×10 all the way up to 24×36, and use museum quality matte paper. There is also a canvas option for those who would prefer that, and the option to buy the print ready framed.

Our star map is fantastic quality. The paper is thick, glossy and hardwearing, and true to size (always helpful when you are shopping for a frame!). The print is clear and sharp, and I love all the little details you can add to make it really personal. It’s definitely something I would consider buying as a gift for friends and family on special occasions. It would make a beautiful gift for a new baby entering the world.

The company this print came from are actually US based, and this print comes in at $69.99, which works out at just under £55 for the 18 x 24 print.For comparison, the same size framed print or canvas costs just under £94. I think they are very reasonably priced in comparison to others on the market, and I can’t fault the quality at all. Ordering and customising is super easy too, and I would very much recommend to anyone in the market for a unique gift, or a beautiful addition to their home.

Star map



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