Water warts | What they are and how to treat them

water warts

Over half of parents have never heard the term ‘water warts’, yet is is a common childhood skin condition, affecting children up to 16 years of age. It’s actually something we have experienced ourselves, with 2 of our children. Gemma was about 6 when she came home from school with what looked like a bumpy rash under the skin. When it didn’t go away after a couple of days, the GP diagnosed molluscum contagiosum – or water warts. A few months ago, Eliza developed something similar, although hers were much more defined ‘pearls’ on her legs, especially behind her knees. When I took her to the GP for a routine appointment, I mentioned them to her, and she again diagnosed the same condition. 

water warts

Luckily, Gemma and Eliza were both quite young when they had the condition, and so it really didn’t bother them at all – but for older children it can be quite debilitating, and a source of stress, as well as being itchy and uncomfortable for some. Eliza definitely found them itchy during warmer weather, and discouraging a 3 year old from scratching isn’t easy at all! Over 11% of children will experience a severe impact on quality-of-life as a result of water warts, and it can be a cause of bullying or isolation. 

Most people will have no idea how their child came to pick up water warts. Less than half of mums know that water warts can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact (myself included), and so it is most likely that the girls picked it up from school, nursery or a soft play centre where they are in close contact with other children. Water warts can also be transmitted through sharing items such as toys, towels and bedding (again, I didn’t know this), and so it is easily spread between siblings. 

water warts

Although water warts is really no cause for concern, and generally clears up by itself over the course of a few months, it’s clear that some children really do suffer as a result of water warts. MolluTinc is a new water warts treatment available from pharmacies or online, and doesn’t require a prescription. It works by breaking down the water warts on the skin, and allowing the body’s own immune system to tackle the virus that causes them. Applied twice daily for 2-10 days, it can help clear water warts within 1-5 weeks. It is suitable for those aged one year and over. That’s a real improvement on the 18 months it could take to go without treatment isn’t it?!

You can find out more about water warts (molluscum contagiosum) by watching this short video. It tells you what the virus is, and how Mollutinc breaks it down and treats the symptoms.


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