The many different ways you can donate to charity


Do you wish that you could do more for charity? Of course you do, we all do, but sadly not all of us are blessed with the time and money that we wish we had. However, just because we haven’t endless amounts of time or money in our busy lives, that doesn’t mean we can’t at least do our bit.

Here, we look at just some of the methods available enabling us to do our bit for the greater good. Some have been around for generations, while others have been made available thanks to the rise in digital media.

Direct Debit

Are you the type of person who means well, but is a tad forgetful? If so, then setting up a regular direct debit to a charity of your choice might be best for you. Set up the same way as any utility bill, a regular direct debit will come out of your bank account on a set date every month.

Charities will be delighted by regular donations that they can count on every month, helping them to fund projects and helping those in need. Most charities will have the capability to set up a monthly direct debit via their website. If not, get in contact with the charity and they will be more than happy to help set up a regular payment.


Whether you want to set up a regular donation or make a one-off payment, the digital world makes this so much easier. Online donation platforms accept donations of various sizes, so whether you want to donate just a couple of pounds or make a more substantial donation, you can do so safely and securely.

For example, if you visit this website you will find a charity accepting online donations for a religious festival. For Muslims especially, who make regular charitable donations as part of their religion, the ability to make secure payments online has made following their faith that much easier.

Loose Change

Have you ever had annoying loose change in your pocket and/or wallet that you just want to get rid of? If so, then instead of putting it on the side only to forget about it, keep it for collection buckets in shops and at events. Collectors will always be happy to accept your copper and silver as it all adds up in the end.

Charities understand that you may not be able to offer a substantial amount of money, but that doesn’t mean that they will any less grateful. So the next time you walk past a collection bucket but feel too embarrassed to only offer copper, don’t think twice as it is all welcome!


If you simply cannot afford to offer money, then time is arguably a far more valuable commodity. Charities are always on the lookout for volunteers to help out at events, carry buckets and simply to spread the word.

Shelters, charity shops and call centres are always looking for willing volunteers to give their time. Whether you can give an afternoon or two every week or only an hour every other week, your help will always be appreciated.


As well as time and money, unused clothing and toys can also be donated to charity shops. Rather than throwing away perfectly good items that someone else can still get some use out of, wouldn’t you rather make someone else’s day?

Charity shops accept all manner of goods, as long as they are in acceptable condition. If you have an old jumper that doesn’t fit you anymore, a jigsaw that doesn’t get used or dolls that haven’t seen the light of day for the better part of a decade, why not take them down to your local charity shop?


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