Autumn driving in London & Hertfordshire with proper car servicing

cars driving through the countryside

Getting around in the rush hour in Hertfordshire is not easy. Many of the rural roads around the county are poorly maintained and get clogged up by agricultural traffic. Why is it that tractors always seem to appear just when the afternoon school run has begun in earnest? Important routes like the A602 between Stevenage and Hertford are only single lane for much of the road, affording drivers few opportunities to overtake. Even the A10 trunk road is only single lane north of Buntingford and the M11 has just two lanes once you get past Stansted Airport at the Bishop’s Stortford turn off. Places like Clothall Common, Radwell, Letchworth Garden City and Baldock can all get clogged up without too much traffic, slowing drivers down until they reach faster roads like the A1(M).

In fact, the problem seems to get worse in Autumn. Drivers face increased numbers of cars from the moment the kids go back to school. In most years, farmers are continuing to access the roads in early autumn to bring in their harvest. As soon as that is over, the nights draw in and the clocks change. The County Council doesn’t provide much street lighting and what is available goes off at midnight! It can seem like driving around Hertfordshire at this time of year is only for the intrepid. However, there are some things you can do about it to make life easier.

Firstly, you can make your car fit for the demands of the county’s roads by having it serviced properly. For car servicing in Harlesden, you can get a FREE price quote here on DAT Tyres and they will help make sure that all of your lights will be fully functioning to cope with the diminishing amount of sunlight you get at this time of year.’. A service will also ensure that your tyres are properly maintained so that you have the necessary grip to cope with greater levels of rain as well as the slippery road surfaces caused by falling autumnal leaves. Of course, your tyres should also be checked to make sure they are not just roadworthy but capable of dealing with things like potholes – a common sight on even Hertfordshire’s trunk roads. In addition, your windscreen wipers should be inspected to make sure you can maintain a good view of the road ahead when it is drizzly and dark. Any good service should also include a check of your car’s heating system to make sure that it is in good working order – after all, you might not have used it since last winter.

Another key thing to prepare for in the autumn is your brakes. If you don’t feel like your brakes are offering you the same response that they once did, then have them checked before autumn turns into winter. Not only are stopping times increased in autumn and winter due to the underlying road conditions but the reduced visibility at this time of year means you need more time to react. With poor brakes, you could end up in trouble so have them inspected if you are not able to change your brake pads yourself.


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