Can full time mums enjoy part time online retail success?

Stay-at-home mums will obviously need to handle a host of daily responsibilities; particularly if their child is very young. However, this does not necessarily signify that they are unable to earn an extra income. A growing number of women from all walks of life are now beginning to realise the power of the Internet in regards to generating a side hustle. Online retail websites have become increasingly popular thanks to their flexible and user-friendly nature. However, what about those mums who have literally no experience selling an item online? What do they need to know? Let us first break a handful of technical terms into easily understandable concepts before moving on to discuss the benefits of partnering with a quality e-commerce provider. 

Overcoming (Apparently) Confusing Technical Jargon 

Many of us have heard of the term SEO (search engine optimisation). While it might sound slightly complicated, the main gist of this concept is simply knowing which keywords and coding methods will help you obtain the most online exposure. 

POS is an acronym for “point of sale“. POS systems are essentially online checkout counters; providing customers with a secure means to purchase a product or service. 

Many online articles refer to “KPIs”. KPI stands for key performance indicator. In other words, these metrics are able to tell you how a website is performing. Common examples of KPIs include profit margins, the number of individuals visiting your website and the price of an average sale. 

Finally, ROI is another way of describing your return on investment. The return on investment is basically the difference between how much money your website requires to function properly and the amount of profit over a given period of time. Obviously, a positive return on investment signifies that your site is performing well. 

What About Online E-Commerce Tools? 

So, it should be clear to see from the last section that the majority of retail concepts are easy to understand if you are provided with a basic definition. While you are not likely to become a marketing expert overnight, always remember that knowledge is power. However, you will also be relieved to know that there are a number of helpful utilities and tools which will provide you with a solid foundation from the very beginning. These are often referred to as e-commerce providers. 

The main goal of larger e-commerce partners such as Shopify is to offer the end user a quick and easy means to begin selling a product online. You will not be required to learn a great deal of coding nor must you become a professional PR specialist. The utilities at your disposal are specifically geared towards small business solutions and there are a wealth of options available. This is why it is a good idea to examine modern e-commerce providers in greater detail to see what is in store. If you have been nurturing the idea of starting a business from home, success could be only a few clicks away!


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