How to arrange memorable family reunions in the digital age


Gone are the days when families made time to meet each other at least twice a year. With our jobs taking away most of our time, we hardly have time for ourselves, let alone meeting our family!

But wouldn’t it be fun if we could spare some precious time and efforts to arrange a family reunion?

After all, if we do not make the time to create memories with our family and extended family, what will the next generation learn from!

But the good news is here! Thanks to the digital age, you can now arrange for a family gathering by investing just a pinch of your time and efforts. With technology and digital means, you can now strengthen your family bonding and create lovely memories that everyone can cherish.

How can you make your next family gathering extra special?

Photographs are the best way to preserve and evoke the fondest memories, right? So why not think something innovative along this line?

Here we have got some wonderful ideas that you can try out easily for your next family get-together.

  • Simple and straightforward– all you have to do is to arrange for a group photographer and then ask him/her to click a few group photos involving your entire family.
  • A bit of innovation– clicking photos and all are pretty clichés, how about creating a slideshow including at least one photo of each of your family members? For this, you would have to find volunteers who are willing to contribute as many pictures as they can to enlarge the show.
  • Work on it– if you are ready to go to the next level and make everyone show how good you are at placing intrinsic details, then go for it! You have to obtain headshots from each volunteer which will say the name of the person and also the family they descend from, in case your family gathering is going to be huge!

Once you have done this is time to get to the next level and let your family members explore the slideshow. For a better experience, bring a few laptops with Wi-Fi enabled to the venue of the gathering.

  • Show the masterpiece- now it’s time for you to gather everyone and then show them the photos you chose for the creative show.
  • Identify everyone– it might happen that you wouldn’t be able to recollect or let’s say know a few persons. If this happens, interact with everyone and get everyone identified and tagged.
  • Let them explore– hand them the laptops you have brought and let them reminiscent their old memories.
  • Storytelling is a must– so get hold of an audio or a video recorder and then record the stories that will come with each and every photo. It will be cherished of every sort and it will act as a digitalised family tree for the future generation.

You can do this alone or even include another family member to share some tasks. But make sure that you send everyone a copy of your family slideshow – after all, it is all about the memories!


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