How to plan for the future with a large family


If you have a large family then planning for the future becomes even more important than those with a small family as there are more mouths to feed, more futures to plan for and generally just more complications. If we plan well then we can get a start on this and pre-prepare fro problems even before they actually happen.

Monthly Budget Is Absolutely Key

Creating a monthly budget is absolutely key, you’ll need to be very comprehensive in this, I found it took several drafts and this is ok as you will no doubt keep remembering little things you didn’t put in. Things like buying the newspaper or that coffee you buy while the kids are at swimming lessons may seem trivial, but if you forget a few of these a week, say £10 worth that’s over £500 per year so you can see how easy it is to accidentally mis-budget. So to budget accurately and effectively first make sure you account for all income and expenditure and see if this works and then looking at this document will allow you to identify potential cost-cutting areas if and when they are needed.

Childcare & Work Balance

It’s important to remember to have a work-life balance, especially during the years when you have children at home and yes they are expensive little bundles of joy but no amount of money can replace time with a parent and the memories. With a good work-life balance you will be better for the kids as you will be happier and more relaxed, what the exact balance that’s right for you is variable from family to family so work out what works for you and make it happen.

What To Do In A Change Of Circumstances

Things can and always do change, this is the inevitable nature of life and it can come in so many forms from school issues with the kids, relationship issues and financial problems. What to remember in a big family is that while dealing with one person’s issues not to completely neglect everyone else. In big matters such as financial issues it’s always a good idea not to panic and look t what can be done, if you are a homeowner, for example, you can always look into remortgaging or releasing equity in your home, it’s really easy with a firm such as Key Advice can take of this sort of thing for you.

Financial Future For The Kids – Planning

It’s always a good idea to be mindful of how your financial planning will need to change and adapt as your children grow older and have different needs and you should think about regularly saving something by each month so that there is enough there for what is to come. The children very well might want to go to college or university and you would, of course, want to be able to be there to give them a helping hand, look at the age gaps & possible university or college periods they will be going at and you might want to consider how many of them could be there at once and plan accordingly.



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