Mini-break staycations for busy parents

UK holiday

Many people love to venture overseas for their holidays – especially if it means a break from the kids! There’s a lot to see and do and many adventures to be had. New languages, cultures, cuisines and climates are all guaranteed in foreign lands!

However, such people miss out on many of the great holiday offerings that the UK has! Since Brexit started to immerge, people have begun holidaying nearer to home more often now. Well, there must be something in it then, surely? In the end, the UK is a great destination for a staycation with your special someone!

Consequently, here’re some ideas for a mini-break in the UK if you’re a busy parent!


Admittedly, Southampton is perhaps not the first destination that springs to mind when a staycation is being sought after! That said, there’re numerous museums, concert halls, nature-filled parks, theatres and more. Your mind and body can always be stimulated here as there’s a lot to immerse yourself in and enjoy with your partner. Affordable accommodation is easily found too!

Additionally, Southampton has great connections too, with season train tickets enabling you to launch yourself to other parts of the UK on a whim! You could be at the seaside for a romantic picnic or in another city with your partner in a matter of moments. Ultimately, if the south is uncharted territory for you, Southampton can serve as the perfect base for all your exploits!


There’s no two ways about it; Bristol is perfect for a staycation with your husband or wife. Marvel at the stunning sights of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, or alternatively enjoy fine wine and scrumptious meals near the harbour. If it’s not obvious by now, Bristol is where you go when you’re eager to please your senses.

You’ll also find the famous Hippodrome Theatre here, home to some of the most magnificent live performances one could ever hope to witness. Indulge yourself with some immersive shows – the kids aren’t there to interrupt the fun! Craving activity instead? Well, you can head over to Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve, where you can enjoy anything from challenging hikes to leisurely strolls. It’s all here.

The Lake District

It’s the obvious choice, but that makes it no less credible – The Lake District is where you go if you want a truly memorable and unique staycation. Watersports, adventurous walking trails, cycling tracks, boating opportunities and more – a fun-filled time is guaranteed for the couple that likes to get out there and experience something special.

After all, The Lake District is a place where numerous people continually adventure to. You’ll never run out of things to do, and your to-do list will only get longer during the course of your visit. If you want to get back in touch with your sense of freedom, youth and vigour as a parent, The Lake District will help!


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  1. May 2, 2019 / 3:33 am

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s been a while since I spend time with my dad because of his busy schedule at work, would love to have a staycation with him and my other siblings. All the best!

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