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There is no rocket science involved in making a photograph look professional. It might take you years of practice or you might as a newer photographer find some things that will improve your photography without much effort. In order to develop a sense for what makes a professional-quality image is to look at such images. Reviewing the websites and portfolios of professional photographers, especially the ones you admire can help you learn more about high-quality images. It is important to first identify the genre in which you want to achieve more professional-looking images. You can then spend some time studying photographers of that particular genre. Also, you must avoid relying too much on the camera phone when you are getting started.

You will have to list answers to a few questions before you can expect your images to start looking more professional. What do all the images have in common? What is the style of the photographer and how can you develop your own style? What are some other ways by which you can achieve professional-quality results?.

Read on to know the simplest things that you can do to make your photos look more professional.

Fill the frame

Professional photographers fill the frame to create compelling images. Their focus is on the subject. The subject has to look interesting and appealing. If you want to make your photos look more professional, you should know when to zoom your frame in and when to zoom it out. You can’t lose your subject amongst the visual clutter. For example, the picture of the child playing in the playground is full of distractions. There is a trashcan nearby and some parked cars in the distance. None of these extra background elements is adding anything to your picture, and they don’t let you focus on the subject. In cases like this, you should not fill in the frame and zoom in to capture your subject.

Let’s have a look at another example. If you are shooting an environmental portrait and you need to include some context, you will have to zoom out a little bit and capture your subject’s surroundings. Context is extremely important for an environmental photo because the environmental photo is captured for the viewer to see how the subject is interacting within a certain context.

Style it well

Professional photos have a great sense of style. A photographer who has a very strong, well-developed sense of style can be identified by his work regardless of whether or not his name is attached to the image.

Every photographer has a unique sense of style. The actions that each individual photographer takes in order to create a sense of style can vary simply from having a strong sense of politics, to just applying certain artistic changes to each photograph in post-processing. For example, you could give a little saturation tweak to your photos, then all your photos will have the same sense of style. But keep in mind that the goal is to create a set of photos that appear to have been shot by the same person rather it is capturing a set of photos that look the same.

Focus on the Lighting

Professional photographers obsess about lighting whereas beginners easily overlook this aspect of photography. It is the most important thing for making a photo look more professional. The lighting of the image is essential because it highlights the subject and presents it in a good way. Seeking out interesting light is yet another way by which you can capture high-quality images. There are a number of ways in which you can make a portrait photo have more interesting lighting. For example, if you want to put even lighting on your subject’s face, you could either place the person in the shade, or you could simply turn their back. In the case of landscape photography, the time of day is vitally important. Understanding the imperativeness of lighting in a portrait is a must. So, if you think you’re not that great at capturing images/ portraits using dramatic lighting, you can always visit a Commercial Photographer in Wolverhampton and get help from professionals in understanding the right and wrong lighting situations. But if you want to make your photos look more professional, don’t compromise on the photo quality at all.


It takes a lot of time and skill to reach a point where you can capture professional-quality images. It is a skill that you will develop with years of practice. The more you practice, the more time you will get to examine your work, the closer you will be to creating your own website full of professional-quality images.


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