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Max and Eliza both love the water, and have been having group swimming lessons for quite a while now. I’ve always wanted my kids to be able to swim – it’s such a vital life skill, and keeping them safe around water is so important.

One of the training and teaching aids we have been using a lot lately is the SwimFin. SwimFin is a teaching aid, flotation device and fun water toy all in one. It is designed to be worn high on the back, above the child’s centre of gravity. This way it will ‘suspend’ the child in the water, and not tip the child forwards.

The SwimFin is super easy to put on – there are just two velcro straps which wrap around the body, making it easy to adjust to fit your child perfectly. It inspires imagination, and encourages fun in the water – who wouldn’t want to be a shark?! As well as being fun, and perfect for water play, the SwimFin also helps children to feel safe, secure and supported – which in turn makes them feel more confident when in the water. 

SwimFin is suitable for children aged 18 months and over, and you can also purchase larger straps in order to make it suitable for older children and adults. The standard straps fit both Eliza, who is 3, and Max, who is 6, with plenty of room to spare. 

The most important thing to remember about SwimFin is – the more it is submerged, the better it will work. It grows with your child, offering more support at the beginning when they are more vertical and paddling through the water, and less support as they become more confident and start to swim horizontally. I find it so much easier than armbands, as there is no need to blow it up every time you get in the pool – it’s just ready to strap on and go! It’s so lightweight too, so easy to pack and carry (essential when you have a hundred other things to carry too!)

SwimFin has won many international awards and is endorsed by several swimming governing bodies, so it’s really worth investing in. It works across all four swim strokes, encourages a natural swimming position and doesn’t restrict movement, unlike some other popular swimming aids. It’s definitely going to be our go-to swimming aid from now on, and I’m hoping to get heaps of use out of it this summer!

To continue the fun water play, SwimFin also sell a range of fun swimming caps and water toys, such as dive sticks and Funky FloatiesFunky Floaties. These are made of neoprene and and are UV and water resistant. They float on the surface of the water, and are great for encouraging children to put their face in the water and blow bubbles! They also have some little holes in, which are fantastic for squirting your siblings with ;-), and come in a mesh drawstring bag for easy storage and drainage. 

*We are SwimFin ambassadors, and were sent products in return for this review. All opinions and photos are my own*


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