Why is sleep important?


Sleep is one of the most important times of the day for both kids and adults. A good night’s sleep resets our bodies and helps us reset for the next day. Without sleep, we wouldn’t be able to function anywhere near as well as we can do, and sleep deprivation can have a seriously bad impact on our mental and physical health.
During the process of sleep, a huge amount of important processes happen both mentally and physically. It not only improves our brain’s functionality; it also helps our emotional wellbeing and aids muscle recovery.
Research has suggested that we actually need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night to function at our full capacity. So, what are you waiting for, jump in your bed and get some sleep!

What happens during the sleep process?

Sleep gives our bodies time to rest, it conserves energy and decreases our blood pressure. It also decreases our bodies temperature, heart rate and breathing. One of the only things that remains active is our brains, they begin to log memories from the previous day and restore your day to day functions. If you’re a gym goer or do regular exercise, your muscles grow and repair as you sleep.

How can I ensure a good night’s sleep?

To get a good sleep you don’t need much. A comfy bed certainly helps and there’s a great range of beds from Bed Guru that would be more than up for the job. An uncomfortable bed makes you restless and means you’ll struggle to nod off.
Try and avoid eating any heavy meals as food needs time to settle on your stomach. You also need to try and not go on your phone frequently before bed, this often makes your mind active and an active mind means you’ll find it had to get to sleep.

What will happen if I don’t sleep enough?

Not getting enough sleep is actually one of the most dangerous things that you need to try and avoid. It’s called sleep debt, and this is accrued every time you miss any sleep outside of your sleep pattern. So if you under sleep for an hour each day, you’ll have 7 hours of sleep debt.
This can cause you serious harm, particularly if this happens on a regular basis. A lack of sleep leads to bad health implications and can see you suffering from the following issues:
• Excessive tiredness in the daytime
• Headaches and difficult focusing
• Poor memory logging
• Mental health issues (anxiety/depression)
• Chronic health issues
• Mistakes made at work

Hopefully you can see just how important sleep is for both you and your kids. You need to make sure your body is fully rested so it can function to its full capacity. So jump into your bed, get yourself nice and cosy and get the night’s sleep both your mind and your body deserves.


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