10 things your children will just love about Vegas

When you hear the word Vegas, the first thought that will most likely come up to your mind is partying and making decisions that need to stay in Vegas. However, the city can boast of many fun activities for the whole family and specifically for children.

There are amazing attractions for kids from the smallest ones and to teenagers. Some other activities allow engaging with your children and creating great memories together.

Thus, read on to discover Vegas in a whole new light. Below, you will find Las Vegas activities that will undoubtedly change your mind.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

As a parent, you want your child to be safe and still have fun. Indoor skydiving provides these two features on one platter. This activity will take about an hour of your time because you have to go through a safety orientation first and watch an educational video.

Children will also have to attend a safety training class where you will be present. The skydiving part takes a few minutes only, but it is worth all the preparation time.

It gives you the real experience of skydiving, as one is actually propelled upward by a powerful wind with a velocity of up to 120 mph. It is the entertainment that you can enjoy as a whole family literally.

El Loco Roller Coaster

If you have a teenager, then you know that they don’t want to do ‘boring’ activities. However, it is the case. The El Loco roller coaster will give you and your kid good thrills.

This ride is strictly for those children who can handle being upside down and love roller coasters. Another rule is that one must be at least 121 cm (48 inches) to ride El Loco.  

You will experience the twists and turns that will blow your mind. The El Loco Roller Coaster ascends to 90 feet before descending over and under.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Looking at this title, you probably already know that your children will love it. Chocolate is almost every child’s favorite treat.

Hershey’s chocolate world was found in New York, NY. It produces more than 800 varieties of candies and chocolates.

The attraction is not cheap, but it is worth the cost. There is even the Statue of Liberty made from almost 450 kilograms of milk chocolate.

The Adventure Dome

Does your child love amusement parks? Then you must cross this off their bucket list. The Adventure Dome is an indoor amusement park in Vegas that occupies five acres of land.

It is kid-friendly, and children can ride most of the attractions without age or height limitations. Moreover, there is the world’s only indoor double corkscrew and double-loop roller coaster. Also, you can see here free clown shows, miniature golf areas, and arcade games to play together with your kid.

Gold Mine Tour

Children love to watch movies with storylines featuring gold mines. It is time to make your child’s fantasy into reality.

The El Dorado Canyon mine tour takes you through a real gold mine, and the narrator tells exciting stories about the gold mining era. The tour takes you inside the most famous and oldest gold mine in the South of Nevada.

The journey takes barely over an hour and is almost ¼ mile long on pebbles. It can also be considered an educational tour for the young ones.

High Roller Observation Wheel

The High Roller observation wheel goes up to 550 feet, making it the tallest construction in the world. It features large cabins that can hold up to forty people that also serve as observation decks that rotate very slowly.

The observation wheel provides a great view of Las Vegas, including the glorious Strip, the airport, and also mountains. Sharon Blake, a partner at Online Casino Gems, noted, “You can’t get the ultimate Vegas experience until you get an aerial view of the city.”

The price for the ride goes up at night due to the spectacular view. The High Roller observation wheel has discounts for children aged four to twelve, while three-year-old kids and below can ride for free. The rotation barely takes over half an hour.

Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Has your child been dreaming of playing with dolphins? It is the perfect place in Vegas for your child to accomplish this dream.

The Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is home to rare breeds of animals that you will hardly come across otherwise, such as white lions, white tigers, and dolphins. It has a mini zoo setting, making it an apple of the eye for many families visiting Vegas.

There are also other exclusive experiences, such as yoga, and painting with dolphins. The chances are that your kid might not want to leave this place.

Excalibur Resort

This place fascinates all kids, especially if they are into battles, swords, and shields. The Excalibur Resort is made just like King Arthur’s Camelot.

You can even see here the Tournament of Kings, a show that features warriors on horses battling with swords, shields, and chains from the medieval times. The crowd always gets up to cheer, and you are guaranteed of memorable family time.

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

The Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N in Vegas will definitely outdo your child’s expectations. It is a museum dedicated to Marvel heroes, where you get to see the costumes that were used in the real movies. There is an option for children to be treated as new agents and have a badge and a mobile phone as a guide through the attraction.

While moving at your own pace, you’ll get to see Iron Man’s suit, Ants Man helmet, Captain America’s uniform, and, of course, his shield. There is a large Marvel Universe retail store at the end of the journey, so be ready that your kid will want to buy everything there.

Get Up Close with A Shark

Shark Reef Aquarium provides a whole new exciting kind of thrill for your child. Here, you can experience activities from touching a stingray to facing sharks and seeing a Komodo dragon. You will encounter experiences as if you were under the sea, such as sights and sounds, which will leave the whole family amazed and mesmerised.

The Perfect Getaway Destination for Your Kids

As you can see, Vegas isn’t just an adult destination with fascinating hotels and casinos. It has so many activities and shows for all the members of the family.

There’s a myriad of activities that you can enjoy with your kids in this incredibly beautiful city. With all these amazing activities in Las Vegas, your kids will have a blast that they won’t want to go back home!


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