Cleaning for health | The top benefits of a clean home

Having the sense to keep your house clean is something that maybe was instilled by your parents in you or societal pressure. Either way, a clean home comes with its fair share of scientifically-backed health benefits. The effects of a dirty and disorganised home can negatively take their toll on your mental and physical well-being. What are you waiting for? For some people, all they need is a little push to start to develop good habits and in this article, we have compelling reasons to make you keep your home neat and tidy. Below are some of the top health benefits of a clean home.

6 Health Benefits of a Cleaned Home

1. It lowers the chances of infections

The hidden and less used areas in the house are mostly the shelter for microorganisms. While most people tend to focus their cleaning on areas such as the bathroom the kitchen is a bigger concern. Kitchen utensils and countertops come into contact with a lot of germs especially after being used to prepare raw fish and meat. Another area of concern is water pipes, by thoroughly cleaning your overlooked areas you will save a lot of money that would be spent on antibiotics.

2. A quick burst of physical exercise

Cleaning your house will get you started to torch some calories off your body. Research has proven simple exercise for a period of as little as twenty minutes a day will keep your heart strong and improve your health. Keeping your house clean involves some movements of your body which have the same effect as hitting the gym. To help you clean your house think of it as killing two birds with one stone since you will clean your house and at the same time become more physically active.

3. It lowers stress, anxiety and fatigue

Our brains feel more disturbed in a dirty and messy room thus increasing the levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue. A clean house provides a sense of serenity and stability to the brain which directly reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety.

4. Decreases asthma and allergy attacks

Dust can pile up on almost everything and this includes sofas, curtains, bed sheets, clothes and any kind of fabric. Some people are allergic to dust and others get asthma attacks, the dust particles in our homes are enemies to our healthy bodies. To decrease these asthma and allergy attacks all you need to do is to clean your home and you will be able to avoid these inexplicable episodes.

5. Promotes productivity

Nothing kills creativity and productivity than a messy house. Disorganisation is a great source of distraction that results in a person to find a good reason to procrastinate every time. However, a well-organised and clean house makes it easier for your mind to get stuff done. The human brain works best while it is happy and satisfied though it first starts with its surroundings.

6. Promotes better sleep

It is easier to sleep when nothing is nagging your brain. When you go to sleep in a clean house your gears turn off with ease since you are more relaxed and calm. Activities such as making your bed and sleeping in a clean house promote a good night’s sleep even more. Clutter in a messy house may trigger your brain not to focus on getting good sleep and thus you may spend a lot of time just looking at the ceiling. To have a better sleep start by cleaning your pillowcases and bedsheets and you will see the effects they have on your sleep.


The above health benefits and many other more are as a result of a thoroughly cleaned home. To see your home sparkling is a good thing but to get rid of harmful germs, viruses and bacteria require more than your effort. Thus you can click here at disinfection service for top-notch home and business disinfections. The quality provided is nothing short than optimum service which is what every home needs. Let these professionals take care of your thorough cleaning and as simple as it may seem it can be life-changing.


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