How to style your home and sell quickly

Selling a house is more work than most people without experience think. Most people walk into the process unprepared, and their houses end up not selling for months or even years. However, reputable real estate agents help to make the process easier and faster. One of the ways they do this is by styling the house. Below are a few tips on how to style a house and get it to sell quickly:

1. Declutter

The easiest and least expensive way to style your home and sell it fast is by decluttering. It may seem like something trivial, but it plays a significant role in the appearance of the house. You can declutter your home by getting rid of anything unessential. The aim of decluttering is to simplify the space. It helps make space look bigger. It will also help if you de-personalise the space so that the potential homeowners can see the place as their likely future home and not yours.

2. Repainting

Another way to style your home while preparing for a sale is repainting. This move is especially important if the house features bold colours in any of the rooms. The best decision would be to replace the bold colours with neutral. Neutral colours help freshen up space, and they are more attractive to a broader range of clients than bold ones. If you are looking to add a pop of colour, you can use decorative art or cushions. That way, if the client doesn’t love the pop of colour, they can quickly get rid of it. Even with the decorative pieces, do not go for intense colours. Try soft blue and grey because they are associated with relaxation and stay away from colours like purple and bold red.

3. Remodel the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. Remodeling the kitchen can help sell your home quickly. When remodelling the kitchen, start by focusing on broken items like cabinet doors. Make sure you use neutral colours if you do not want to scare potential buyers away. You can have the doors repainted or go as far as replacing the countertops. While these replacements could cost you some money, they will be worth it because they will not only get your house to sell fast but also for more money. If there are any issues like faucets that are not working, you also need to make sure they are taken care of before the sale.

4. Create curb appeal

The first impression is very important when selling a house and any other product or service. This means that the appearance of your curb will influence the decision of potential buyers. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is style up your curb. Start by trimming the hedges and make sure you get rid of undergrowth and weeds. You can also create curb appeal by planting flowers or creating an outdoor mini-garden. A little fertiliser will also go a long way in influencing the appearance of your curb. You go as far as to repaint your gate if you have one.

5. Replace the furniture

You can also move around the furniture in different rooms. Doing so will help to make the rooms look and feel larger. According to research, most people scan a room from the left to right. Take advantage of this fact and place the tallest pieces in the left corner. This will make the rest of the house appear larger. When it comes to the beds, you do not want them to look like hotel room beds. The trick is to make them look as homey as possible.

6. Place real plants in different rooms

You can either place real plants in every room of the house or just the important or most common ones. The point of doing this is to give life to the house. It also helps to amplify the aesthetics of the house. However, you do not want to overdo it and make it look like outdoors or an indoor garden. You could also use fresh flowers to add some freshness and impact on the aesthetics of different rooms within the home.


According to We Buy Any Home, styling your house for a sale significantly influences the decision of the potential buyers. It also helps increase the value and sell your house fast.



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