6 unique gifts for Christmas 2020


Many of us often struggle to find the right Christmas presents for our loved ones, and especially this year, when many of us may be on a tight budget, and unable to shop in the way we usually would. On top of that, you may be buying for friends or family members who you don’t know very well, or who already seem to have everything.

So, I thought I’d round up some unique Christmas gift ideas for 2020.

  1. Henry desk vacuum

Almost all of us seem to have had a Henry vacuum cleaner at some point in our lives, and Christmas might be a great time to buy one for your loved one – with a twist, of course! The miniature version from Iwantoneofthose.com is great for your colleagues and friends who seem to get crumbs everywhere on their lunch breaks in front of the computer.

  1. Glow in the dark slime

Novelty cheap stocking fillers don’t come much funkier than slime. Your standard slime play in daylight hours, it becomes even creepier at nightfall, when it becomes illuminated. You can pick this up from many high street stores, supermarkets and Amazon.

  1. Funky desk tidys

Another great ones for the office workers, or for anyone working at home this year, a desk tidy is great for storing all of those random items that you otherwise constantly misplace. There are some really great ones available – everything from skulls and cauldrons to rainbows and unicorns. You can be sure to find one for pretty much anyone!

  1. Chocolate Brussels sprouts

If there’s that certain someone in your life who either loves or hates vegetables, why not play with their expectations a bit with a brilliant set of realistic looking ‘sprouts’? Despite their convincingly replicated leaves and green colouring, they’re actually made from chocolate. Sure to play on the mind of the receiver, these great stocking fillers or joke presents are available from most supermarkets. 

  1. Jewellery for men

I often struggle with presents for the men in my life – especially my husband and my dad. This year I have gone for solid sterling silver bangles from Treasurebay. They have a real range of both classic and contemporary designs, making it simple to find something for everyone. There is something to suit most budgets too, so really worth a look if you are struggling for ideas this year.

What do you think of the above suggestions, and what other great unusual Christmas present ideas have you spotted this year? I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments section below.


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